Has Barrett Lost the Brewers Fan Vote?

Inter­est­ing anec­dote to Jim Ger­aghty if true.

I drove from Chicago to Mil­wau­kee on Sun­day to watch my beloved Pitts­burgh Pirates defeat the Mil­wau­kee Brew­ers. Dur­ing the third inning, the jum­botron began show­ing ran­dom crowd shots (which had the atten­tion of the crowd and gen­er­ated friendly cheers) – the cute baby in the Brew­ers jumper, the shirt­less guys with beers, the pretty girls danc­ing to the music. Then, the cam­era panned to a guy hold­ing up a “Vote Bar­rett” sign. The crowd erupted…in boos! These were sig­nif­i­cant, sus­tained boos. I asked the cou­ple seated next to me – a young cou­ple that didn’t appear to be reg­u­lar CPAC atten­dees or any­thing — about the sit­u­a­tion and they said, “Barrett’s got no chance. Peo­ple are sick of this thing.”

Jim, I read the data and insights ably pro­vided by National Review and real­ize that things are going well for Walker and I’m not report­ing any new news. But it’s always nice to con­firm the num­bers you are see­ing with strong anecdotal/local evi­dence. This was it for me. Walker in a landslide.

Two thoughts:

1)  The guy had to bring a sign in huh?  So much for sport­ing events as neu­tral zones for all par­ties involved.

1a)  What had to be going through the cam­era guy and “guys in the truck” at Miller Park when the place erupted in boos?

2)  My the­ory is that most peo­ple at home stands at Miller Park are out­siders, not res­i­dents of Mil­wau­kee.  Sort of tells you how the out-state vot­ing will go, huh?

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