Just Think, She Has a Law Degree Too?

Magna cum laude too accord­ing to her bio…wow.

I had heard Kelda Roys was an idiot, but did she ever actu­ally read the statutes or just kiss-ass her law pro­fes­sors at UW-Madison?

Democ­rats and their recall allies decry the law that has helped Gov. Scott Walker out-raise his oppo­nents com­bined by $11 mil­lion dol­lars with­out regard to nor­mal cam­paign con­tri­bu­tion limits.

It’s an “out­ra­geous loop­hole” and “unfair advan­tage” that lets Walker — in the words of state Rep. Kelda Helen Roys, D-Madison — “oper­ate in law­less fash­ion” like it’s the Wild West.

Indeed, in early 2012 Walker raised six times more than his four chal­lengers and raised more than he spent in the entire 2010 election.

In reg­u­lar elec­tions, statewide can­di­dates are lim­ited to receiv­ing $10,000 from indi­vid­u­als over their term in office. But for four and a half months — from when recall papers were filed to when the June 5 elec­tion was called — there were no lim­its on dona­tions. Two peo­ple gave him $500,000 each, and two-thirds of his total came from out of state.

To help read­ers sort out the rhetoric around the issue, we decided to take a closer look at this pro­vi­sion in state law and how it came about.

First off, there’s noth­ing ille­gal about Walker’s actions — they are expressly per­mit­ted under a 1987 change in state cam­paign finance law.

Indeed, while Democ­rats have slammed the pro­vi­sion, the same state law also allows com­mit­tees seek­ing the recall of an offi­cial to raise funds with­out wor­ry­ing about the nor­mal lim­its — and Demo­c­ra­tic state sen­a­tors fac­ing recalls had the same chance in the sum­mer of 2011.

“It’s offen­sive to say it’s a loop­hole. It’s a clear statute,” said Mike Wit­ten­wyler, a Madi­son polit­i­cal law attor­ney. “If that’s a loop­hole, then the entire state statutes are a loophole.”

The deci­sion from Poli­ti­FACT Wis­con­sin is quite infor­ma­tive.  You find out the law allow­ing for unlim­ited dona­tions to can­di­dates under recall wasn’t cre­ated in a “law­less” vac­uum as the once and future NARAL attor­ney believes.  In fact, you find out that it was put in the 1987 state budget…BY DEMOCRATS.

The other impor­tant thing about that bud­get, it was Tommy Thompson’s first as gov­er­nor of Wisconsin.

Per­haps the next time Democ­rats are upset about the money Walker has, they’ll have to dig up the corpses of state leg­is­la­tors from 25 years ago and yell at them.

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