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Weekend Quick Hits

Spent the bulk of the weekend with family as we celebrated the baptisms of my new niece as well as my brother’s new nephew (born a few weeks after his daughter, it was a double-baptism).

And away we go..

The Most Hated Person in Madison Not Named Scott Walker

What kind of a person kidnaps another person’s dog?  Seriously?

A 21-year-old woman was arrested Saturday night for allegedly taking a six-month-old puppy from a car parked at the Division of Motor Vehicles’ East Side office on April 16.

Erin Ohnesorge of Sun Prairie was arrested on a tentative charge of theft of a domestic animal, Madison Police Sgt. Bernie Gonzalez said in a news release.

The dog-napping of Blake, a boxer-shepherd mix, had drawn media attention after two businesses pledged a reward of $1,250 for return of the 35-pound pooch. Blake was reunited with his owner, Lars Forde, on Wednesday after an unidentified woman from Sun Prairie said she found the black and gray dog wandering the city with no tags or collar.

Usually, the only thing you have to worry about in a DMV parking lost are the cars of those taking their driving tests.

And I Thought the “Recall Soglin” Sign Out In-Front Was a Joke

When all else fails, bring in the lawyers!

The city of Madison’s battle with Occupy Madison protesters heated up as a group of attorneys filed suit Friday to stop the city from closing the group’s camp on East Washington Avenue.

The suit asks the Dane County Circuit Court for a temporary restraining order against the city from evicting people who have “maintained a peaceful protest encampment in cooperation with the city,” according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin.

The city allowed the Occupy protesters to set up a camp at 802 E. Washington Ave. during the past several months.

Wisconsin ACLU officials said Madison’s Occupy movement is an extension of the Occupy movement in other cities, and the East Washington site is primarily a protest site where people are expressing their First Amendment rights.

Protest site?  Please.  The site is nothing more than Madison’s latest park (or parking lot to be more precise) for the homeless.

The most telling part of the place is the dumpster which is marked with something like “Not Trash, People Inside” to stop the gang at Waste Management from accidentally killing any of the homeless at the site who have taken up residence inside.

How Would This Be Portrayed If the Genders Were Reversed Here?

Feel sorry for this kid.  There’s not much of a future in field hockey.

The attorney for a 13-year-old Long Island boy who was kicked off his high school’s girls’ field hockey team for being too dominant says his client will most likely be reinstated.

“We are confident that a court will see the discrimination in this case,” Frank Scagluso, the attorney for Keeling Pilaro said.

Scagluso said Keeling has support from his school district, other coaches and players in the league and that he has not heard any criticism about the boy’s participation in games.

Keeling, who played for Southampton High School’s varsity girls’ field hockey team for the past two years, was told he could no longer play next year after becoming the team’s star.

Section 11, which oversees Suffolk County’s high school sports, determined that as a boy, Keeling had too significant an advantage over the other players.

“(Keeling is) having a significant adverse effect on some of his opposing female players,” Section 11 claimed, according to MyFoxNY. “The rules state he would be allowed to play if he wasn’t the dominant player.”

Section 11’s executive director, Ed Cinelli, told MyFoxNY, “As a sport, it’s a girls sport. When a boy plays, it leads the way for other male players to come in and take over.”

Keeling grew up in Ireland and moved to the states only a few years ago with his parents.  Frankly, either way the court case goes, my suggestion to the kid is change over to lacrosse.  He’s more likely to get a college scholarship if he has the skills to compete since the sport is more prevalent in East Coast  states than anywhere else.

Random Thoughts, Questions, Comments, and Quemments

– If the Utah Senate primary was supposed to be a defeat for the Tea Party (Which it wasn’t, Orrin Hatch didn’t win outright. But hey, I’m going by the words of Ryan Gruber here.), why is it likely that the Tea Party is about the claim the scalp of Indiana Senator Dick Lugar in less than two weeks?

– Good to see Jeff Simpson transferred over to Cog Dis with “capper.”  Keeps all the crazies in one spot.

– Question — The left is quoting that UW-Madison Economics professor a lot because he got close to his prediction on job loss right, but why is no one asking what the state’s job situation would be if we weren’t stuck in a land which also is full of union temper tantrums, boycott threats, protests, and recalls?   I only ask because even the UW prof admits in the WSJ story that uncertainty is having a effect on the jobs numbers.

– Congrats to Lori Compas for getting $100,000 in donations.  My advice, spend in the Madison market which hits the western part of the 13th State Senate District.  Will keep the election from being the total bloodbath it’s expected to be.

– By the way, how angry must the Compas camp be that the DLSC didn’t feel the need to poll her race to try to blow up the meme that PPP said all but the Waanggard / Lehman race was close?

– Was Zielinski’s flag burning a plus in getting his job at the MJS, or his job at DPW?  Boy, his Journal Communications HR file must be one hell of a doozy?

– I’ll be in Austin, TX for work-related stuff for most of the week, so blogging may be limited.

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    Kevin! You’re going to be in Austin? We should catch up. If you want to, I’m still at rightofftheshore@gmail.com. Enjoy A-town :).