The Queen’s New iPod

Those of us work­ing yes­ter­day at the Her­itage Foun­da­tion, upon dis­cov­er­ing the news the Pres­i­dent of the United States gave the Queen of Eng­land a piece of Chinese-made tech­nol­ogy (by women on a salary of $50 a month no less) avail­able at any big-box store in the West­ern world, sort of took the adult route.

We started a con­test to sug­gest a bet­ter idea.

After we had our laughs and pon­dered how the Left would try to defend another round of poorly thought up gifts by the Obama Admin­is­tra­tion to the British Gov­ern­ment and/or Head of State (Chris, Merkel? Puh-lease!  Hell, at least you’re try­ing.  Andrew Sul­li­van of course, defended his man-crush.  Not sure if it’s bet­ter if next time you just shut up and let him take his PR hit like a man.), started ask­ing what seemed to be the log­i­cal ques­tions most Amer­i­cans were ask­ing them­selves after the cringe-inducing moment subsided.

1) That wasn’t the only thing was it?

No, there included a 1952 signed song­book from Richard Rogers, of “Rogers and Hart” and “Rogers and Ham­mer­stein” fame.  He wrote all the music to musi­cals like “Okla­homa,” “The King and I,” and “The Sound of Music” — a rather legit­i­mate gift to give royalty.

1a) Why didn’t he just stop with the Rogers song­book since noth­ing is more Amer­i­can than “the musical?”

You got me there.

2) Pres­i­dent Obama’s made no secret he loves Hol­ly­wood and Hol­ly­wood loves him, how did he not hire those peo­ple who make the gift bas­kets for award cer­e­monies like “The Oscars,” to do these things?

Yeah, that put many peo­ple at a loss for a minute or two.  The gift bas­ket for last month’s Acad­emy Awards was rumored to be val­ued at over $100,000 per basket.

3) What’s on the iPod?

Yeah we snick­ered at the pho­tos of her 2007 visit being pro­grammed into it.  She’s the Queen, she’s prob­a­bly got a set already from her own pho­tog­ra­pher.  He or she no doubt sat next to the offi­cial White House pho­tog­ra­pher dur­ing most of the ceremonies.

I per­son­ally joked that if he gave a song­book, would Broad­way songs be on it.  They were.

The speeches (2004 DNC Con­ven­tion Speech, 2009 Inau­gu­ra­tion) from the man him­self.  That’s just…wow.

4) Jonah Gold­berg was jok­ing about his take, right?

Yes.  As of the time he wrote it, it was clearly an April Fools’ joke.

God then smiled on him.

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  • cap­per

    You are aware of course that the queen actu­ally requested the iPod, right?

    How rude to give a requested gift like that!

  • http://admin kev­in­bin­ver­sie

    I’m shocked Media Mat­ters had to go to Fox News to get an answer like that.

    Must have hurt on some level.

  • Heather­Radish

    Do peo­ple actu­ally believe the Queen of Eng­land couldn’t buy an iPod with a screen if she really wanted one? I know the monar­chy has been stripped of all their pow­ers, but sells them for £175…