IRS Refunds Taking Longer Than Usual

The IRS says delays are due to enhances secu­rity mea­sures for those fil­ing their returns online.

Delays are now get­ting peo­ple their tax refunds about a week longer than they did last year.

Tax­pay­ers are con­tin­u­ing to wait longer than usual to receive their refunds, and a recent prob­lem with the IRS’ “Where’s My Refund” tool caused many to fear that their returns hadn’t been filed at all, tax pre­par­ers say.

In the past, most tax­pay­ers who filed their tax returns elec­tron­i­cally received their refunds in one to two weeks, said Gene King, a spokesman for H&R Block. This year, it’s usu­ally tak­ing 10 to 21 days, he said.

That’s still within the his­tor­i­cal time frame for deliv­ery of refunds, said IRS spokes­woman Michelle Eldridge.

The IRS has attrib­uted the delays to new safe­guards installed in its com­put­ers to pre­vent refund fraud. While that means the IRS will pro­vide addi­tional screen­ing of tax returns before refunds are issued, “The vast major­ity of tax­pay­ers can still con­tinue to expect to receive their refunds in a timely fash­ion,” Eldridge said.

Bill Nemeth, an enrolled agent with Jack­son Hewitt in Atlanta, said his clients usu­ally receive their refunds in seven to 13 days. This year, it’s tak­ing 15 to 21 days, he said.

The aver­age refund for a refund is just under $3,200.   The Gan­nett News Ser­vices doesn’t say if that’s for a sin­gle filer or for a cou­ple fil­ing jointly.

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  • Bill Clement

    Maybe it’s because they waited too long to file? I did mine late Jan­u­ary using Turbo Tax. I went long form for both State and Fed­eral. I filed elec­tron­i­cally and had them back in less than 8 days. Tim­ing is everything. 

  • kev­in­bin­ver­sie

    Think it depends on the filer. I had my state refund back in a week after I filed. My fed­eral took two.

    I also used Turbo Tax.

  • Bill Clement

    Maybe we should explain to Timmy how it works? ;-))

  • Mikek­star

    I filed mine in in the 2 day of Feb­ru­ary and now its April 2, I’m wor­ried about my refunds.

  • rmh1013

    I filed for myself, my daugh­ter and my girl­friend. Mine was item­ized because of home own­er­ship. I received my refund within 10 days. My daugh­ters had Amer­i­can credit for her school­ing. I filed it on 2–24 and its sched­uled to be deposited on march 4. My girl­friends is 1040EZ and it says it is still being processed. ???”

  • Flori­da­supset

    I filed my return elec­tron­i­cally in the last week of Jan­u­ary (2013), its been almost 3 months and the IRS Web Tool says its “…still being processed…” fat chance I will EVER use the “faster” elec­tronic fil­ing sys­tem again, what a joke!