No Panic in the Streets over Voter ID

Oh, there was that lady in She­boy­gan who got so steamed about hav­ing to show her ID she left her precinct with­out vot­ing — not to men­tion this idiot –  but appar­ently the first offi­cial elec­tion with Voter ID on the books went off with­out a hitch.

Boy, that news had to bother a whole mess of folks in Madi­son who wished otherwise.

Nor­mally, the spring pri­mary elec­tions this year would be con­sid­ered low-profile. How­ever, they did receive some extra atten­tion, more for how peo­ple voted and not who the were vot­ing for.
Wisconsin’s new voter ID law went into effect, with no major inci­dents in La Crosse County.

County Clerk Ginny Dankmeyer believes that’s because vot­ers and poll work­ers had sev­eral test runs last year.

They were pre­pared last year when we kept ask­ing them. We had 7 elec­tions last year, of which 5 of them we asked for the ID’s for that soft imple­men­ta­tion,” said Dankmeyer.

She says it was the new vot­ing dis­tricts that caused the real confusion.

It’s more of peo­ple show­ing up at the wrong polling places or peo­ple show­ing up to vote and they’re not in that dis­trict to vote,” said Dankmeyer.

Some peo­ple were vot­ing at a new place for the first time in a decade. How­ever, they were warned ahead of time by the La Crosse city clerk.

This suc­cess­ful dry run of course won’t mat­ter to that small, vocal minor­ity of pro­fes­sional lib­er­als who hate the very con­cept of Voter ID, but I have to hand it to the crew at the GAB.  Their sys­tem of dry-runs last year were suc­cess­ful at prepar­ing at least part of vot­ing public.

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  • John Foust

    Of course Voter ID was suc­cess­ful!  It scared peo­ple from the polls!

  • kev­in­bin­ver­sie

    You know, should really thank you guys for the recall elec­tions last year. Allowed GAB to test the Voter ID dynamics.

    Worked like a charm.