Citizen Dave” Shows the 2006 Wound Never Healed

Inter­est­ing lit­tle find from the blog of for­mer Mayor of Madi­son Dave Cieslewicz over at the Isth­mus which points out the still open “Madi­son vs. the Other Left” wound caused by the 2006 Demo­c­ra­tic pri­mary for Attor­ney Gen­eral between then-AG Peg Laut­en­schal­ger and for­mer Dane Co. Exec­u­tive Kath­leen Falk.

In this blog post, “Cit­i­zen Dave” is rank­ing who he would want to see run for Gov­er­nor in the Walker recall.

Yes, he ranks the like­li­est can­di­date num­ber 6.  (Must suck to be a Demo­c­rat and exam­in­ing the bench you have.  Won­der if it has a sim­i­lar feel to being a Cubs fans.)

6.  Kath­leen Falk. The only seri­ous announced can­di­date. Upside: Nobody works harder and is bet­ter orga­nized or more dis­ci­plined. She was a pub­lic exec­u­tive in a big job. Down­side: The early “union boss” back­ing will hurt her in a gen­eral. More­over, the base is not excited about her third attempt at statewide office. Lin­ger­ing lefty grumpi­ness for tak­ing on Peg Laut­en­schlager. (That I do not get. Laut­en­schlager was the chief law enforce­ment offi­cer in a state with the biggest drunk dri­ving prob­lem in the nation and she drove drunk. Kath­leen was absolutely right to chal­lenge her. It is beyond com­pre­hen­sion that Peg con­tin­ues to have cred­i­bil­ity with the left or any think­ing per­son, for that matter.)

I’m split on this one for a few rea­sons.  Polit­i­cally, “Cit­i­zen Dave” is right.  Laut­en­schlager was dead in the water after the DUI charges.  It’s hard to log­i­cally not think Democ­rats wouldn’t want to try to sal­vage the office of Attor­ney General.

That being said, it’s amaz­ing to see Cieslewicz just throw Laut­en­schlager under the bus after all she’s done for Madi­son lib­er­als over the past year.  Pretty sure “Cit­i­zen Dave” would remem­ber that it was the legally maneu­ver­ing Peg which helped ensure activists had access to the state capi­tol.  You’d think the for­mer mayor of Madi­son would remem­bered that, since most of the unions Peg was rep­re­sent­ing endorsed him dur­ing his own re-election fight last year.

Always amaz­ing to see how Madi­son and Dane Co. con­tinue to think itself the cen­ter of the uni­verse.   Can’t wait til they whine about los­ing the WIAA bas­ket­ball tourneys.

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