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I’m Smelling a Primary

Only question now is, will the liberal blogs do all they can to try to prevent it, or will they embrace it?  (Who am I kidding on the latter question there, honestly?)  After all, the long knives are already out for Tim Cullen of Janesville; how long before they turn course and plunge them into the Milwaukee mayor?

(Just to give a hint to Jeff and Steve over at Blogging Blue — That knife thing, that’s hyperbole and a metaphor up there.)

Or better yet, will the unions do all they can behind the blow up all candidates not named Kathleen Falk by the time papers to get on the ballot begin to be circulated.

By my calendar, that should be around late March or early April.  All depends on how long the challenges to the recall petition signatures last — for both Governor and State Senate naturally.  After last round of recalls, one gets the feeling GAB is going to try to avoid headaches and try to have all recall elections on the same day.

Or primary as it were…

The gambit by two large Wisconsin unions to force Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett out of a possible recall election appears to have backfired.

Two sources close to the Democratic mayor said this week that Barrett now is “seriously considering” running in a potential recall election of Gov. Scott Walker and will make an announcement in early January.

Both sources emphasized that Barrett has not yet made a final decision.

But nearly everything else they said suggested the mayor will seek a rematch with Walker.

The pair of Barrett sources said he might jump in even if the leaders of the Wisconsin Education Association Council and the Wisconsin State Employees Union put up another Democratic candidate. The unions are said to be supporting former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk.

“We don’t want a primary, but we’re not intimidated by it,” said one of the sources close to Barrett. “Tom’s decision will not be influenced by that. He’s not running to be governor of WEAC or AFSCME.”

Whatever.  The reality is whoever is the Democrat picked to run, they will be the governor of WEAC or AFSCME because it will be WEAC and AFSCME paying the bills.

And then it will be WEAC and AFSCME demanding how things get done.   Just like they were when Doyle was Governor.

Come March or April, the screaming you’ll be hearing from Democrats will not be “RECALL WALKER!”  It will be “WE’RE STUCK WITH THEM?!?”

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