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Ted Kanavas a No-Go for U.S. Senate Run

I’ll admit I’m surprised by this, but not too surprised given the reasons he puts forth.

After the Republican Convention in May, I told people I would travel the state of Wisconsin to listen to them. I wanted to know if I was the right person to serve as their next U.S. Senator.

People were receptive and told me that they wanted a fresh face, someone who could fix things in Washington and get the country back on track. Someone like Ron Johnson or Paul Ryan.

I am extremely appreciative of the support and honest feedback I received from people across the state; I am inspired by their resilience and hard work. However, today, I am announcing that I will not be pursing the Republican nomination for the United States Senate.

With four or five candidates in the field and with the tough economic times we face, it would be very difficult to raise the money necessary for me to run a winning race. I am not a multi-millionaire and do not have unlimited personal funds to put into this race. I go to work every day like most of the people of Wisconsin.

It is evident that if former Governor Thompson enters the race, his entry would tie up many resources. Privately, many donors stated that they would refrain from supporting anyone out of respect for Thompson’s 45 year political legacy. Those factors ultimately led me to my decision.

I will continue my involvement in Republican politics and will continue to fight for the people who are struggling to find a job and provide a better future for their families. I hope that effort will help ensure a new Republican President and a new Republican Senator from Wisconsin. As always, I will continue to support Governor Walker’s pro- growth economic plans here at home.

We need to focus on what President Obama and Tammy Baldwin’s policies are doing to this country. We can’t afford to allow these misguided policies of the liberal left to continue to bankrupt our country. We saw first-hand in January, right here in Wisconsin, that they will stop at nothing to try to stop common sense ideas that will reduce government spending, protect our families and rebuild our economy.

The “Tommy’s sucking up all the pledged donations” thing is no doubt real.  We saw something to that effect in 2010, that while it was Ron Johnson who provided the kill shot to Terrance Wall, it was Tommy’s shadow which did most of the mortal wounds.  History has shown it is impossible to gain traction in Republican races when his presence is out there.

Kanavas may be just the first to run into that reality, or just the first to publicly saw it for the 2012 GOP Senate primary.

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