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Cartoon of the Day


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Image of the Day

Seeing this quite a lot on Facebook today.

Makes you wonder if someone had the good sense to put a microphone in front of Robert Kirkman, creator of “The Walking Dead” when he saw pictures of Atlanta’s freeways yesterday.


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Waxman to Retire

In what is likely the clearest indication Democrats realize they have no shot of winning the House this November, 40-year veteran and former chairman of the multiple House committees, Henry Waxman (D-Hollywood) is retiring.

Veteran California Democrat Henry Waxman, whose legislative and political savvy helped remake the American health care system, reveal tobacco’s dangers and expose steroids in baseball, will retire at the end of the 113th Congress.

“I will have completed 40 years in Congress by the end of this year,” Waxman said in an interview with POLITICO in his Capitol Hill office this week. “I think it’s time to let somebody else come in and take on some of these fights.”

Since arriving in the Capitol during the Watergate-era, Waxman’s reach has extended nationally. As the top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee during the George W. Bush administration, he was a pugnacious partisan who sought to hold the White House accountable. When President Barack Obama was elected, Waxman came out on top of a bitter brawl within the Democratic Caucus when he knocked off Michigan Rep. John Dingell to chair the House Energy and Commerce Committee, where he helped craft Obamacare, as well as legislation that sought to drastically slash on carbon emissions.

“I leave with a lot of satisfaction for the accomplishments that I’ve had in my congressional career,” Waxman said in the interview. “And I think it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life.”

Waxman’s retirement is the latest blow to House Democrats, who’ve endured a string of high-profile retirement announcements in recent weeks. Waxman’s seat will likely remain in Democratic control, but taken all together, the departures suggest that party veterans don’t believe their party will take back the House in the fall.

By “high-profile retirement announcements,” Politico is implying California Democrat (and Pelosi confidante) George Miller and Virginia’s Jim Moran.  These are high-ranking generals for the minority leader.

Which now raises a question that should be asked:  Dems are now looking at their third election in which they’ve lost significantly under Pelosi.  Forget talk about a coup against Boehner, how long does she hang onto power?

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Uke to Cut Down on Number of Road Games

And earlier this week I said to cherish this time as Brewers fans.  It was something like this that was on my “Worry List” for signs that while Uke loves his job and we as Brewers fans love the job Uke does, he’s not eternal, and time catches up with everyone.

Bob announced this morning he will only do all 81 home games, and a select number of games on the road.  (My hope being it is all in-division games at least.  That alone puts him behind the mic for another 35 to 40 games.)

The longtime voice of the Milwaukee Brewers won’t be doing every game this season on 620WTMJ, but he’ll be doing a majority of them.

“I’m going to do most of the games this year.  I’m going to start cutting back,” explained Uecker.

“59 years is going to be enough where I think I want to kick back and relax a little bit.  I’m going to make some of the (road) trips…but I’m going to spend most of my time, probably, at Miller Park doing the home games.  The west coast trips, I think I’m going to kind of cut back on.”

Uecker added “(Mark) Attanasio, he’s been telling me the last five years I should cut back, take some time off.  I never really wanted to do it.  I always enjoyed the trips, being around the guys.”

He said he would focus on trips where he could see many of his friends who he’s made in his decades in baseball.

“Until I have problems getting around…and I don’t have any problems, I’m going to stick around (broadcasting) and enjoy it.”

Uecker also maintains a winter home in Arizona, so he’ll be there for spring training.  No word if he’ll make the trip in June when the Brewers are currently set to play a four-game set against the D-Backs.

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Cartoon of the Day


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Good Luck Against this “Segway Boy”

So it would seem that “Segway Boy,” a.k.a Jeremy Ryan is apparently considering running against 1st District Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Janesville).  [Segway] Ryan is said to be doing what his fellow Madison anarchist Arthur Kohl-Riggs, and run as a “true Republican” in a primary.

(Seriously, can someone tell these kids still living in the state capital that they need to stop getting their history lessons from John Nichols?

Anyone with half a brain, and the money to either buy this book or take a course at UW-Madison on Wisconsin’s political history knows that the old “La Follette” or “Progressive” Republicans transformed into the modern Democratic Party of Wisconsin shortly after World War II and the early 50s when they merged with the few remaining people willing to call themselves Democrats like former Gov. Jim Doyle’s father after both Woodrow Wilson and FDR twice declared war on Germany.  The “Stalwarts” or “Traditional” Republicans kept the name and the history.

The also never split from the party or came crawling back with the tail between their legs like “Fight Bob’s” sons…)

Well, the “Year-End” campaign finance reports for congressional campaigns are starting to come in — they’re legally due on Friday, the 31st — and [Paul] Ryan’s campaign has had their report in for over a week.

Here’s an image of Congressman Ryan’s summary page.

ryan01222014For those needing an explanation of the above screen captures, Ryan’s campaign pulled in nearly $800,000 in the three-month period from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2013; spending about $455,000.  Ending cash on hand nearly a year out from Election Day is $3.2 million.

Again, good luck Segway Boy.

[As for Paul Ryan’s Democratic opponent, Kenosha businessman Rob Zerban, has not yet submitted his “Year-End Report.”]

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Cartoon of the Day


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Cartoon of the Day


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Quote of the Day

I’m a big fan of the “I’m Leaving Congress” Party. 

For starters, it’s bipartisan.  It’s also when those leaving Congress are their most honest.  They don’t have to care about re-election, they don’t have to care about bucking party leadership (Get ready for this from Dale Schultz folks), and they tend to tell the truth.

Jim Moran is a Democratic Congressman from Virginia, particularly the Arlington and Alexandria area, and he’s pretty much admitting that ObamaCare is busted, that government programs rob the young all to placate the elderly politically, and that he (and likely most Democrats) has no idea how to fix the health care law.

“I’m afraid that the millennials, if you will, are less likely to sign up. I think they feel more independent, I think they feel a little more invulnerable than prior generations, But I don’t think we’re going to get enough young people signing up to make this bill work as it was intended to financially.”

“And, frankly, there’s some legitimacy to their concern because the government spends about $7 for the elderly for every $1 it spends on the young.”

“I just don’t know how we’re going to do it frankly, If we had a solution I’d be telling the president right now.”

The U.S. Federal Government, screwing over the young for the sake of the old since 1935.

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Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Baseball

“Uke” turned 79 yesterday.  Now on the eve of his 44th season with the Crew, the longtime (and in effect to most fans including this one, the only) “Voice of the Milwaukee Brewers” Bob Uecker.

With Vin Scully (86) now about to begin his last planned season with the Dodgers, Uke becomes baseball’s elder radio statesman starting in 2015.  A fact that likely hasn’t eluded him, or should us.

Enjoy this time Brewers’ fans.


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