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And With This, I’m Moving to Bing

Today’s “EASTER” doodle from Google.

No nonsecular bunnies.  No nonsecular eggs.  No images of Spring.

But hey, let’s honor a dead, wannabe Communist!

UntitledForget about Easter folks.  Google wants you to wish Cesar Chavez a Happy Birthday.

Celebrate by moving on from a rigged search algorithm that frankly isn’t as great as it used to be.  [Man I hate SEO manipulation…]

By the way, Chavez was himself Catholic, and probably would be horrified that a celebration of his birthday would take precedence over Easter — the number one day on the Roman Catholic (and Christian) Calendar.

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Cartoon of the Day



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We May Get Those 42nd Trimester Abortions After All

See here for the “joke.”

This is making the rounds at a number of blogs, mostly because it shows Planned Parenthood once again giving the game away.  They’re not only in it was abortions, but they frankly wouldn’t care if they’re committing infanticide.

(Anyone notice how mute the cable networks are on the Philadelphia abortion provider case who was has apparently killed as many as two-dozen children after they were born?  Google “Kermit Gosnell” sometime this weekend…)

Here’s a Planned Parenthood lobbyist in Florida venturing from their script.  It doesn’t look or sound pretty.

Of course this isn’t anything new to us in Wisconsin. Russ Feingold beat this woman to the punch by 17 years.

Sen. Santorum: Will the Senator from Wisconsin yield for a question?

Sen. Feingold: I will.

Sen. Santorum: The Senator from Wisconsin says that this decision should be left up to the mother and the doctor, as if there is absolutely no limit that could be placed on what decision that they make with respect to that. And the Senator from California [Sen. Barbara Boxer] is going up to advise you of what my question is going to be, and I will ask it anyway. And my question is this: that if that baby were delivered breech style and everything was delivered except for the head, and for some reason that that baby’s head would slip out — that the baby was completely delivered — would it then still be up to the doctor and the mother to decide whether to kill that baby?

Sen. Feingold: I would simply answer your question by saying under the Boxer amendment, the standard of saying it has to be a determination, by a doctor, of health of the mother, is a sufficient standard that would apply to that situation. And that would be an adequate standard.

Sen. Santorum: That doesn’t answer the question. Let’s assume that this procedure is being performed for the reason that you’ve stated, and the head is accidentally delivered. Would you allow the doctor to kill the baby?

Sen. Feingold: I am not the person to be answering that question. That is a question that should be answered by a doctor, and by the woman who receives advice from the doctor.   And neither I, nor is the Senator from Pennsylvania, truly competent to answer those questions.  That is why we should not be making those decisions here on the floor of the Senate.

It might not being in the official Senate record anymore, but the video still exists.

(H/T Jerry Bader for the link to the Feingold video.)

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The Latest Seeking a Bailout: Indian Casinos

Was little shocked to see this earlier this week.  Was even more shocked to see it was the AP that reported in the first place.

Once the envy of Indian Country for its billion-dollar casino empire, the tribe that owns the Foxwoods Resort Casino has been struggling through a financial crisis and pursuing more revenue from an unlikely source: U.S. government grants.

The money provided annually to the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation through the Interior Department and the Department of Health and Human Services has risen over the last five years to more than $4.5 million, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press through the Freedom of Information Act. One former tribal employee says department leaders were encouraged to offset dwindling resources by seeking more federal grants.

The Pequots, who once distributed stipends exceeding $100,000 annually to adult members, are not alone among gaming tribes seeking more federal aid. Several, including the owner of Foxwoods’ rival Connecticut casino, the Mohegan Sun, say they have been pursuing more grants _ a trend that critics find galling because the law that gave rise to Indian casinos was intended to help tribes become financially self-sufficient.

“The whole purpose of the 1988 law which authorized Indian casinos was to help federally-recognized tribes raise money to run their governments by building casinos on their reservations,” said Robert Steele, a former Congressman from Connecticut. “I would argue strongly that federal money was meant for struggling tribes. Certainly the Mashantucket Pequots and the Mohegans couldn’t under any circumstances be put in that category.”

As long as they have federal recognition, casino-owning tribes are eligible for the same grant programs as the larger tribes based on large, poverty-stricken reservations in the American West. The grants, which don’t need to be paid back, support tribal governments by paying for programs such as health screenings, road maintenance and environmental preservation.

No word if any tribe in Wisconsin is trying for these types of grants.

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Cartoon of the Day


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Cartoon of the Day


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How “Toy Story 2” Was Nearly Deleted

Coding errors.  Not fun.

And here’s how it was saved…

Earlier, we mentioned Supervising Technical Director Galyn Susman. A few months earlier, Susman had given birth to a son. As she was a new mother, she needed to be able to do some work from home, so Pixar had set up a computer for her that had the complete film. In addition to the full film at that point, she would receive incremental updates with changes made over that time. No one knew when the last update had been, but obviously whatever she had was better than what they possessed at the moment. So they headed to her house and drove her computer back to the Pixar offices (Susman and Jacob later recalled the amusing procession, with her computer wrapped in blankets and strapped into a seat belt in the back seat with Jacob nervously watching it as Susman drove). The computer was plugged in and booted up. It had been updated two weeks ago. So they had the original back-up from a few months ago, her current updated version plus whatever other files they could cobble together from the various worker’s individual work stations. That gave them roughly 70 percent of the film’s files (as of the update two weeks earlier) as being verified as working fine. They had to then hand-check all of the directories for the remaining 30 percent to make sure it was correct. That took the entire staff working the whole weekend with very little sleep making sure the other 30 percent of the files were accurate. Eventually, they finished and production on the film was back up and running.

Ironically enough, executives at Pixar were not happy with the product as it was at that point after they viewed it and they ended up asking for the entire film to be re-worked.

That took nine months.  “Toy Story 2” was released to theaters in November 1999.

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Cartoon of the Day


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Random Thoughts

How About Some Real Progress from Hollywood?

It’s hardly a secret that one of the leading cheerleaders in the same-sex movement has been Hollywood.  Shows like “Modern Family,” “Glee,” and “Smash” are all extremely gay-friendly to the point that even fans get annoyed by the preaching some of these series do in their storylines.

My question for them is “When do you deconstruct these relationships like you have heterosexual relationships for the past 50 years in the name of “drama?”  “Where is the same-sex spousal abuse storyline?  Where is the same-sex infidelity storyline?  How about a same-sex spousal rape storyline in the next season of “Law and Order: SUV?”

And so on…?

How is it that the most stable relationship in the history of “Glee” was the one between two teenage boys?  (Yeah, I know, show creator Ryan Murray’s an advocate, not a realist.)

In all truth, I’m indifferent to gay marriage, though as a Catholic, I’d be more horrified if my church backed same-sex marriage than my country or political party.  Most Catholics know what marriage is to the tenants of the faith.  It is a sacrament, the holiest of all doctrinal decrees.  For that to be broken would be enough to shatter the Church to its core.

That being said, I find the argument from traditional marriage groups that same-sex marriage will “destroy the institution” utterly retarded.  Two straight generations of a society allowing us to throw away commitment with “No-Fault Divorces” and a pop culture egging it on did that.

Which brings me back to my original point.  Isn’t it amazing to see Hollywood rooting for gay marriage since for the past 60 years they’ve been tearing down the very institution all in the name of “artistic creativity?”  Which then of course leads to the next question — When does “Cameron and Mitchell’s” marriage get as deconstructed as “Ozzie and Harriet’s” — all in the name of “damn good television?”

Some Psychic Friends They Were…

Singing icon Dionne Warwick has filed for bankruptcy, the result of owing the government millions of dollars in late taxes.

Man Gets $8K in Settlement with Disneyland

Most amazing part of this story?  Guy was held captive for a half-hour on the “It’s a Small World” ride, all the while the song was playing non-stop.  Then, because the ride wasn’t wheel-chair accessible, it took another three hours to get him out of the ride.

Prisoners at GITMO have broken under less.

One Hell of a Great Idea

Sen. Ron Johnson’s “Victims of Government” video series is something that you’d hope someone (or some group) would have done years, if not decades ago.  I can immediately imagine the media reaction to this given the usual mindset of “The Iron Triangle” crowd, “There’s victims of government?  Isn’t government supposed to help people?”

That of course raises the question, “Since when the hell has it ever?”  The state is no one’s friend.  Oh, it might be a safety net, but it’s primary role is one of controlling the populace.  We should never forget that.

If we do, we’re done for as a nation.

Still, great video by Ron’s office in D.C.


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This Ones For the Hi-Speed Fans…

…See. It’s not just “Faux News” pointing it out.

To quote my iPhone app: “This is CNN.”

 “Hi-Speed Rail?”  No, try somewhat slightly faster rail.  Like 10 minutes cut off a 4 hour trip fast.

All at the cost of $12 Billion over the last four years.  Next stop, Boondoggle City.

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