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Brookings Scholar: 20 Years Later, Dan Quayle Was Right

Hell, Candice Bergen has even admitted that what Dan Quayle said regarding the importance of fathers a while ago.  Took a while for “Think Tank World,” even liberal “Think Tank World” (this is Brookings we’re talking about after all) to acknowledge it.

On May 19, 1992, as the presidential campaign season was heating up, Vice President Dan Quayle delivered a family-values speech that came to define him nearly as much as his spelling talents. Speaking at the Commonwealth Club of California, he chided Murphy Brown — the fictional 40-something, divorced news anchor played by Candice Bergen on a CBS sitcom — for her decision to have a child outside of marriage.

“Bearing babies irresponsibly is simply wrong,” the vice president said. “Failing to support children one has fathered is wrong. We must be unequivocal about this. It doesn’t help matters when prime-time TV has Murphy Brown, a character who supposedly epitomizes today’s intelligent, highly paid professional woman, mocking the importance of fathers by bearing a child alone and calling it just another lifestyle choice.”

Quayle’s argument — that Brown was sending the wrong message, that single parenthood should not be encouraged — erupted into a major campaign controversy. And just a few weeks before the ’92 vote, the show aired portions of his speech and had characters react to it.

“Perhaps it’s time for the vice president to expand his definition and recognize that, whether by choice or circumstance, families come in all shapes and sizes,” Bergen’s character said.

Her fictional colleague Frank, meanwhile, echoed some of the national reaction: “It’s Dan Quayle — forget about it!”

Twenty years later, Quayle’s words seem less controversial than prophetic. The number of single parents in America has increased dramatically: The proportion of children born outside marriage has risen from roughly 30 percent in 1992 to 41 percent in 2009. For women under age 30, more than half of babies are born out of wedlock. A lifestyle once associated with poverty has become mainstream. The only group of parents for whom marriage continues to be the norm is the college-educated.

Bergin said Quayle was right to People magazine at the 10th anniversary of the remarks.  She applied them to what Quayle was saying about the decision to casting fathers aside — something modern feminism still appears to advocate — was right on when she looked back at what her own father meant to her.

All that righteous indignation for nothing: Candice Bergen, it turns out, actually concurred with Dan Quayle, who 10 years ago, when he was Vice-President, famously criticized her and her TV show, “Murphy Brown,” for presenting a leading character as an unwed mother. At the time, Quayle, who was long the butt of jokes for his several grammatical and logical gaffes in public, attacked Bergen’s “Murphy Brown” TV character for “mocking the importance of fathers by bearing a child alone and calling it just another ‘lifestyle choice.'” Commentators had a field day — mostly asking whether Quayle had anything better to do — while on the CBS sitcom itself, Bergen, as Brown, was shown heavily bogged down with the chores of motherhood and asking what Dan Quayle found so glamorous about her situation. But, reports the Associated Press, speaking to TV reporters this week, Bergen, now 56 (and a lifelong liberal, despite having a staunchly conservative father, ventriloquist Edgar Bergen), declared: “I never have really said much about the whole episode, which was endless. But his speech was a perfectly intelligent speech about fathers not being dispensable and nobody agreed with that more than I did.”


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Idiot of the Week

(H/T to Doug Mataconis of “Outside the Beltway” via Facebook)

Found this one early.

A 19-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver after he arrived to meet with his parole officer and was discovered to be carrying 19 bags of pot.

According to the Glendale police report:

The man came to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, 4160 N. Port Washington Road, at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday.

In a routine search, 19 individual bags holding a total of 28.2 grams of marijuana were found on his person.

The man admitted he intended to sell the drug in Milwaukee for $4 to $5 a baggie as he had done in the past.

He also said he had last used marijuana the day before.

Glendale huh?  His parents probably have “Recall Walker” signs out in their front yard.  They must be so proud.

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Cartoon of the Day

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Cartoon of the Day

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Cartoon of the Day

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Cartoon of the Day

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AFP Bus to Make Stop in Sheboygan

Just passing along a heads-up to those in the greater Lakeshore area that Americans for Prosperity – Wisconsin will be making a stop with their rally bus on next Wednesday May 30 in the greater Sheboygan area as part of its statewide tour prior to the recall election on June 5th.

2:00 PM
Sheboygan, WI
Jaycee Quarry View Center
3401 Calumet Ave
Sheboygan, WI
Click here for more information & to register

Set to be speaking are Tony Katz of Blog Talk Radio and Breitbart.com as well as local state Senator Joe Leibham.

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Unions Turning on Dems in Waning Days of Walker Recall

How “over” is the recall election in my head having watched far too many campaigns than I care to admit?

So over, that I’m keeping myself occupied by playing guessing games as to who will be the first Wisconsin-based liberal blogger to openly call for Scott Walker to be assassinated ‘to save the soul of the state of Wisconsin for generations to come’  after he wins on June 5th.

(My money’s on James Rowen.  Liebenthal’s too damned easy a pick.  Nothing says I’ve completely snapped like being an ex-Journal reporter turned political hack, turned enviro-nut.)

Well, the Hill is having another one of those stories in which the left is cannibalizing itself over the recall.  I called these “Circular Blame Squads,” a nice take on the old ‘circular firing squads.’


Top union officials are lashing out at Washington Democrats, claiming they haven’t done enough to help them unseat Gov. Scott Walker (R) in Wisconsin’s recall election.

President Obama has been silent on the race since his campaign released a statement endorsing Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) immediately after his primary victory two weeks ago. The Obama campaign is helping Barrett with get out the vote operations, but the president has not publicly mentioned the race.

The Democratic National Committee has been similarly tight-fisted. The DNC sent out a fundraising email for Barrett and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) will be in Wisconsin for a fundraiser next week, but the national party has refused entreaties to give the state party money.

The election is on June 5, ten days away.

International Association of Fire Fighters President Harold Schaitberger, acknowledged the DNC’s help on the ground but said a major cash investment would have been worth a lot more.

“I’m very disappointed that the DNC has not seen fit to make a dollar investment,” Schaitberger said. “When you’re facing $25 million or more in super-PAC funds, you need money. The campaign needed funds to get up on the air to fight back. … I think that would have been a good investment going into November.”

Schaitberger credited Obama for being “fairly clear in his position on Wisconsin and the recall election,” but expressed frustration that there hadn’t been more focus on what he views as a crucial test heading into the fall elections.

“I think this is a national campaign,” Schaitberger said. “Wisconsin is another important test to establish the tone and mood of what is to come in November.”

When asked about national Democrats’ support in the recall election, another union official scoffed.

“Labor has always been there for the national Democratic Party. The national Democratic Party should be there for labor in this instance. They’re not,” he said.

Ten days out from Election Day, winner don’t complain.  Winners keep their heads down while constantly looking over their shoulder while they get the job done.

Guys about to go down in flame and see the largest use of money in Wisconsin history not connected to Kohler get flushed down the toilet bitch to the press.

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Cartoon of the Day

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Is “Alan Scott” the Gay DC Comics Character?

Well, that’s the rumored report over at BleedingCool.com from the very insider who broke the story that DC was going to make one of its “iconic” male characters openly gay in its new reboot continuity entitled “The New 52.”

Understand that this is not a firm story. Not like DC Comics renumbering all their New DCU comics to issues zero through September, say.

This is based on a number of well sourced people and involves considerable hearsay.

It does however make a lot of sense.

Who is the, as yet unknown gay character being reintroduced to the DC Comics superhero titles? Male, an iconic character, someone who would become one of DC’s most prominent gay characters?

I’m hearing that it’s Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.

Created by Martin Nodell, and first written with Bill Finger in 1940, Green Lantern was originally a mysticaly-based superhero, whose powers were derived from the flame of a magic lamp and he became an original member of the Justice Society Of America.

Eventually, Green Lantern would be rebooted in the sixties by DC as a science fiction superhero, Hal Jordan recruited by an alien police force to monitor the galaxy, the character that recently inspired a Hollywood movie. But in the comics, the original Green Lantern would also repeatedly reappear, often as an older man.

In the DC New 52 books, Alan Scott was reintroduced this month in Earth Two #1, as a young man, and head of GBC Productions.

If my assumptions are correct, we will learn of Alan Scott’s sexual orientation and his role as a Green Lantern of Earth Two in Earth Two #2, out next month.

Earth Two huh?  Don’t know if the joke is on us or on GLAAD who DC Comics is clearly trying to get under the good graces of.

Alan Scott has been a throwaway character for DC Comics since the mid-to-late 50s when he disappeared from their pages with many of the original “Justice Society” until they were brought back in the mid-60s under the “Earth-Two” heading and thus began the hell of explaining the DC Multiverse.

The irony of having the “Earth-Two Alan Scott” be DC’s “gay character” pretty much means he’s going to be ignored since most comic book fans — not those brought into a comic book store by a stunt like this — will know that none of his adventures will really matter since DC has said (even after the “New 52” reboot) that all the major stories and timelines of “Superman,” “Batman,” “Wonder Woman,” the “Hal Jordan, Green Lantern” and so on take place on something they’ve deemed “New Earth.”

(Don’t get me started about Pre-Crisis / Post-Crisis or I swear to God, my head will explode.)

So, what DC isn’t telling us is what of the “New Earth” version of Alan Scott.  You know, the one with twin adult children — the superheroes Jade and Obsidian — who at least in the standard Green Lantern continuity still exist.  In fact, one of the best stories revolving around all three characters is when they must confront Scott’s wife and the children’s mother who all three believed was dead but actually was the alter-ego of an enemy of Alan Scott’s Green Lantern.

Do I care that DC is changing one of their characters from the 40s gay?  No, I’m not upset with that.  What I am upset with is the constant continuity re-writes the company has been doing since the 80s that makes me want to have a brain aneurism rather than explain it to someone simply because the aneurism would be less painful.

Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern, but he’s not the Green Lantern most comic readers (or movie goers) know or care about — that is, and will always be Hal Jordan.

But honestly I don’t know what’s the biggest joke about this.  That DC Comics is going with him, that it’s the “Earth-Two” version of him, or that GLAAD was serious enough to think it was going to be a real “major” and “iconic” character. This is a retread of an old WWII character DC Comics thinks it can pull off since both of its creators are in the ground, and they think it will give them a bump in sales; which it probably won’t.

Ah well.

As for the other big “Gays in Comics” news, I have no real issues with it.  “Northstar” was always supposed to be a homosexual according to his creator, John Byrne, when he was introduced in 1979 and he was final allowed to be that way in 1992.  His change isn’t meant to fulfill a quota or get an award from an advocacy group.  It’s a natural evolution of an element of the character, which makes for good storytelling.

Besides, it’s  been a while since there’s been a decent reason to have an “Alpha Flight” reunion.  So why not find an excuse to have one?

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