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“The Ancient One” Makes Rockies’ Rotation

Just think, if you’re younger than 25, you’ve never lived in a world where Jamie Moyer wasn’t pitching in the big leagues.

Jamie Moyer, at 49 years old, has made it back in the big leagues.

Moyer earned a spot in the Colorado Rockies‘ rotation and will start the team’s second game of the season.

“It is still Jamie Moyer. It’s the Jamie Moyer that was pitching prior to the arm injury that cost him the entire 2011 season. It’s the same guy,” Rockies manager Jim Tracy said Friday before the team’s spring training game against the Texas Rangers at Salt River Fields.

“It’s the same worker. It’s the same professional. It’s the same stuff, same velocity, same pitches. When he’s right, same type of effectiveness. You’re going to venture into this.”

Moyer, entering his 25th major league season, posted a 2.77 ERA this spring and beat out 22-year-old Tyler Chatwood and 28-year-old Guillermo Moscoso for a rotation spot.

“I was excited. I’m happy. I’m honored,” Moyer said. “But in the end, like Jim said, `You earned it.’ That was my goal coming here.”

Moyer will start April 7 against the Houston Astros. He can become the oldest pitcher in major league history to earn a victory.

The last player to play in the majors at 49 was infielder Julio Franco, who finished out the season with the Braves in 2007 after turning 49 in August.

Moyer will turn 50 in November.

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Cartoon of the Day

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Hey, Another Post “Capper” Got Wrong

That retraction must be coming any minute now…

(Oh, who the hell am I kidding?)

COLUMBIA – The Internal Revenue Service determined last fall that an investigation of the Sikh Religious Society where Gov. Nikki Haley’s parents are leaders was not warranted, according to a letter the IRS provided the Governor’s Office Friday.

“After further consideration of your organization, we have determined that an investigation is not warranted at this time for the above tax period,” the letter states.

“We did not conduct an examination for the above period.”

The tax year the letter refers to is 2009.

“It’s incredibly frustrating when unaccountable bloggers will take money to smear trash about somebody and the mainstream media will pick it up and run with it,” Haley said Friday, alluding to the coverage that followed an initial post by a South Carolina political blogger this week claiming the IRS had been investigating the temple since March 2011.

A spokesman for the governor said Friday’s letter represented the closure of the case that the blogger posted initial documents about.

So, to recap, Gov. Nikki Haley is not going to be indicted anytime soon, and the mea culpa from the left-wing blog — which has lost any and all creditability — can be read here.

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Placeholder Candidates, Part Deux

My suggestion about a month ago.

As for any sort of “fake can­di­dates” in this round, I say Repub­li­cans should run them.  It’s not going to cost any of these munic­i­pal­i­ties any money since there’s already going to be a Demo­c­ra­tic pri­mary for gov­er­nor in the Walker recall.  Hav­ing more names and offices on the bal­lots aren’t going to have much of an effect on the over­all print­ing costs.

Today, via WisPolitics:

Republicans will run “protest” or “fake” Dems in all six upcoming recall elections, including guv and lt. guv.

Insiders have expected Republicans to run candidates in the Dem primaries for four Senate seats to ensure their candidates are on the same general election ballot as Gov. Scott Walker to help with turnout.

There are already multiple Dems who have filed for their party’s nomination for guv and lt. guv.

But the state GOP said it will run candidates in all six races to ensure “one clear date for the primary election and one clear date for the general election.” It said it will not actively campaign for the candidates other than to collect nomination signatures to ensure their place on the ballot.

A summer general election for every seat ensures that any sort of turnout for the Governor’s recall will be felt in the state senate recalls as well.  The state GOP is clearly using a strategy of “A rising tide (or in this case turnout) lifts all boats” when it comes to the recalls in the 21, 23rd, and 29th State Senate Districts.  Anyone thinking Compas stands a chance in the 13th is seriously kidding themselves.

Another help to the GOP with the delay, it gives Jerry Petrowski more time to fund raise and build a campaign as he takes Pam Galloway’s place on the ballot.

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Batman Drives a Lambo

A pair of Montgomery County (Maryland) police officers had the unique experience of pulling “Batman” over for a routine traffic stop last week. 

“Batman’s” crime?  Taking his license plate off his car, a Lamborghini, and putting on “Bat-Plates” consisting of the bat-signal.

In actuality, “Batman” is Lenny Robinson, a small businessman who dresses up as Batman and then performs and cheers up kids at a cancer ward in DC-area hospitals.  Once he explained what he was doing — and showed the cops his real plates and other registration — the cops let him go without a ticket.

On March 21, police stopped the Caped Crusader – or, at least, an incredible facsimile – in White Oak because they couldn’t see a license plate. On Thursday, Montgomery County Police released the dashcam video of the stop.

It’s apparent from the video that these fellow crime fighters hold each other in high regard. It was handshakes all around.

Batman said he was on his way to an appearance at Georgetown University Hospital. And he showed them the non-Bat, civilian license plate was in the car.

Soon he was on his way, free to meet the kids and presumably recruit them to a life of crime fighting.

Here’s the video of the stop on YouTube:



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Ryan Backs Romney

Not shocked by this news.

Saw Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post, who has connections with the Ryan staff out in DC, make a comment about it last night and it pretty much was confirmed by Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller.

One of the major factors is this week, the RNC announced the RNC’s Presidential Trust, which helps funds the party’s activities during the 2012 presidential race — which Ryan chaired and forced him out of endorsing anyone — is now fully funded.  With it fully funded, Ryan is free to endorse whom he pleases.

How this effects Tuesday’s primary is the real question since polling from a number of sources was showing Romney already leading outside the margin of error in multiple polls.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) endorsed Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney Friday, saying he believed the former Massachusetts governor was the best candidate to face off against President Obama in the fall and hold the nation’s highest office.

“I am convinced that Mitt Romney has the skills, the tenacity, the principles, the courage, and the integrity to do what it takes to get America back on track. So I believe he’s the right person for the job,” Ryan said on Fox News.

The popular Wisconsin lawmaker said his decision was partially prompted by voters in his home state asking him before the upcoming presidential primary who they should vote for.

“We vote here Tuesday in Wisconsin. Lots of my friends, family, supporters are asking me, you know, ‘Who do you think we should vote for?’ I have two criteria I am using to make my decision to vote in our primary Tuesday. Who is the best person to be president – who will be the best president? And who has the best chance of defeating Barack Obama? And in my mind, Mitt Romney is clearly that person,” Ryan said.

Romney has been using Ryan in the role of adviser for his campaign on budget policy for a number of months.  So this move should have been seen as coming for a while.

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Cartoon of the Day

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Cartoon of the Day

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Earl Scruggs, Rest in Peace

The surviving member of “The Foggy Mountain Boys” has passed at age 88.  Earl Scruggs, along with his partner Lester Flatt helped highlight that all country and western music wasn’t just about singing about your dog, beer, whiskey, woman and your truck.

It was about the music as well, and the pair’s “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” is still one of the most impressive country music instrumentals ever composed.

Here’s my favorite rendition of the piece, it was done years back to celebrate Scruggs’ 80th Birthday and included some of country music’s greatest musicians of the present day.  Also, you might recognize the man on Second Banjo and the piano player.


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Nike’s Selective Outrage

The NFL is in the midst of changing from one apparel provider to another as the league’s ten-year deal with Reebok ends and is replaced with a five-year deal with Nike.   Nike will be revealing new uniforms for all 32 teams on Tuesday, April 3.

Until that happens, Reebok has until the NFL contract until midnight Saturday and the company is doing all it can to cash in on the league’s two biggest moves — Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow to the New York Jets — as much as they can before the contract expires.

Nike is not too pleased with one of the moves, particularly the one effecting the league’s biggest market. 

Nike Inc. claimed in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court that Reebok International Ltd. has used Tebow’s name on Jets-related apparel without permission since it was announced last week that Tebow was traded from the Denver Broncos to New York.

The Tebow trade occurred just before Nike replaces Reebok on Sunday as the supplier of NFL team uniforms.

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, claims that Reebok misappropriated publicity rights, interfered with business relationships and unjustly enriched itself because it failed to get Tebow’s permission before launching the new products.

Reebok, based in Canton, Mass., did not immediately respond to a request seeking comment. The lawsuit said Reebok did not respond to demands to cease Tebow apparel sales after a Tebow representative sent a letter to the company on Friday.

Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas AG.

According to the lawsuit, new Nike-supplied uniforms for all 32 NFL teams will be unveiled next week in New York City, kicking off a five-year deal for Nike to be the league’s exclusive provider of on-field apparel, including game uniforms and sideline apparel. Reebok had been the supplier for the last decade.

The lawsuit said demands for Tebow-related Jets apparel was intense last week during a normally subdued time for NFL merchandise sales.

It said Nike, based in Beaverton, Ore., believes Reebok was shipping large volumes of Tebow-related apparel products to retailers for sale to the public this week, damaging Nike’s ability to capitalize on a “unique and short-lived opportunity.”

Here’s the problem for “The Swoosh,”  NFLShop.com, the league’s official website is highlighting gear for both Manning and Tebow.  The jersey’s being offered are fairly generic looking and most of the gear for both of them is mainly T-shirts.

Meaning these are items that can be produced quickly and cheaply.

That didn’t take long. NFLShop.com is already selling Tim Tebow Jets jerseys online for $84.99. But as with buying Peyton Manning’s new jersey with the Denver Broncos there’s a catch.

The Tebow jersey now selling online is made by Reebok. Nike takes over as the NFL’s official outfitter in April, and there’s rumors swirling the Swoosh might significantly alter the look of some uniforms.

So if you want to be the first one in the office or on campus with a replica Tebow Jets jersey or other gear, go for it. But it won’t be the one worn by Tebow with the Jets this coming season.

The NFL’s online shop also posts a disclaimer that Tebow’s jersey number is subject to change — and that they won’t ship until 5-10 business days after he picks his number and it’s been officially assigned by the club.

Tebow’s No. 15 Broncos jersey has been one of the NFL’s best-sellers the past two seasons. Look for sales of his new Jets jersey to take off as he plays in the country’s largest media market.

So…why isn’t Nike suing NFLShop and the league as a whole then since they’re one of the premiere (and possibly only) place you can get this merchandise on the Internet?

Do I really need to provide an answer for that one, or is the rhetorical question plain enough to be seen?

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