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“The Ancient One” Makes Rockies’ Rotation">The Ancient One” Makes Rockies’ Rotation

Just think, if you’re younger than 25, you’ve never lived in a world where Jamie Moyer wasn’t pitch­ing in the big leagues.

Jamie Moyer, at 49 years old, has made it back in the big leagues.

Moyer earned a spot in the Col­orado Rock­ies’ rota­tion and will start the team’s sec­ond game of the season.

It is still Jamie Moyer. It’s the Jamie Moyer that was pitch­ing prior to the arm injury that cost him the entire 2011 sea­son. It’s the same guy,” Rock­ies man­ager Jim Tracy said Fri­day before the team’s spring train­ing game against the Texas Rangers at Salt River Fields.

It’s the same worker. It’s the same pro­fes­sional. It’s the same stuff, same veloc­ity, same pitches. When he’s right, same type of effec­tive­ness. You’re going to ven­ture into this.”

Moyer, enter­ing his 25th major league sea­son, posted a 2.77 ERA this spring and beat out 22-year-old Tyler Chat­wood and 28-year-old Guillermo Moscoso for a rota­tion spot.

I was excited. I’m happy. I’m hon­ored,” Moyer said. “But in the end, like Jim said, ‘You earned it.’ That was my goal com­ing here.”

Moyer will start April 7 against the Hous­ton Astros. He can become the old­est pitcher in major league his­tory to earn a victory.

The last player to play in the majors at 49 was infielder Julio Franco, who fin­ished out the sea­son with the Braves in 2007 after turn­ing 49 in August.

Moyer will turn 50 in November.

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Cartoon of the Day

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Hey, Another Post “Capper” Got Wrong

That retrac­tion must be com­ing any minute now…

(Oh, who the hell am I kidding?)

COLUMBIA – The Inter­nal Rev­enue Ser­vice deter­mined last fall that an inves­ti­ga­tion of the Sikh Reli­gious Soci­ety where Gov. Nikki Haley’s par­ents are lead­ers was not war­ranted, accord­ing to a let­ter the IRS pro­vided the Governor’s Office Friday.

After fur­ther con­sid­er­a­tion of your orga­ni­za­tion, we have deter­mined that an inves­ti­ga­tion is not war­ranted at this time for the above tax period,” the let­ter states.

We did not con­duct an exam­i­na­tion for the above period.”

The tax year the let­ter refers to is 2009.

It’s incred­i­bly frus­trat­ing when unac­count­able blog­gers will take money to smear trash about some­body and the main­stream media will pick it up and run with it,” Haley said Fri­day, allud­ing to the cov­er­age that fol­lowed an ini­tial post by a South Car­olina polit­i­cal blog­ger this week claim­ing the IRS had been inves­ti­gat­ing the tem­ple since March 2011.

A spokesman for the gov­er­nor said Friday’s let­ter rep­re­sented the clo­sure of the case that the blog­ger posted ini­tial doc­u­ments about.

So, to recap, Gov. Nikki Haley is not going to be indicted any­time soon, and the mea culpa from the left-wing blog — which has lost any and all cred­itabil­ity — can be read here.

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Placeholder Candidates, Part Deux

My sug­ges­tion about a month ago.

As for any sort of “fake can­di­dates” in this round, I say Repub­li­cans should run them.  It’s not going to cost any of these munic­i­pal­i­ties any money since there’s already going to be a Demo­c­ra­tic pri­mary for gov­er­nor in the Walker recall.  Hav­ing more names and offices on the bal­lots aren’t going to have much of an effect on the over­all print­ing costs.

Today, via WisPolitics:

Repub­li­cans will run “protest” or “fake” Dems in all six upcom­ing recall elec­tions, includ­ing guv and lt. guv.

Insid­ers have expected Repub­li­cans to run can­di­dates in the Dem pri­maries for four Sen­ate seats to ensure their can­di­dates are on the same gen­eral elec­tion bal­lot as Gov. Scott Walker to help with turnout.

There are already mul­ti­ple Dems who have filed for their party’s nom­i­na­tion for guv and lt. guv.

But the state GOP said it will run can­di­dates in all six races to ensure “one clear date for the pri­mary elec­tion and one clear date for the gen­eral elec­tion.” It said it will not actively cam­paign for the can­di­dates other than to col­lect nom­i­na­tion sig­na­tures to ensure their place on the ballot.

A sum­mer gen­eral elec­tion for every seat ensures that any sort of turnout for the Governor’s recall will be felt in the state sen­ate recalls as well.  The state GOP is clearly using a strat­egy of “A ris­ing tide (or in this case turnout) lifts all boats” when it comes to the recalls in the 21, 23rd, and 29th State Sen­ate Dis­tricts.  Any­one think­ing Com­pas stands a chance in the 13th is seri­ously kid­ding themselves.

Another help to the GOP with the delay, it gives Jerry Petrowski more time to fund raise and build a cam­paign as he takes Pam Galloway’s place on the ballot.

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Batman Drives a Lambo

A pair of Mont­gomery County (Mary­land) police offi­cers had the unique expe­ri­ence of pulling “Bat­man” over for a rou­tine traf­fic stop last week. 

Batman’s” crime?  Tak­ing his license plate off his car, a Lam­borgh­ini, and putting on “Bat-Plates” con­sist­ing of the bat-signal.

In actu­al­ity, “Bat­man” is Lenny Robin­son, a small busi­ness­man who dresses up as Bat­man and then per­forms and cheers up kids at a can­cer ward in DC-area hos­pi­tals.  Once he explained what he was doing — and showed the cops his real plates and other reg­is­tra­tion — the cops let him go with­out a ticket.

On March 21, police stopped the Caped Cru­sader — or, at least, an incred­i­ble fac­sim­ile — in White Oak because they couldn’t see a license plate. On Thurs­day, Mont­gomery County Police released the dash­cam video of the stop.

It’s appar­ent from the video that these fel­low crime fight­ers hold each other in high regard. It was hand­shakes all around.

Bat­man said he was on his way to an appear­ance at George­town Uni­ver­sity Hos­pi­tal. And he showed them the non-Bat, civil­ian license plate was in the car.

Soon he was on his way, free to meet the kids and pre­sum­ably recruit them to a life of crime fighting.

Here’s the video of the stop on YouTube:



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Ryan Backs Romney

Not shocked by this news.

Saw Jen­nifer Rubin of the Wash­ing­ton Post, who has con­nec­tions with the Ryan staff out in DC, make a com­ment about it last night and it pretty much was con­firmed by Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller.

One of the major fac­tors is this week, the RNC announced the RNC’s Pres­i­den­tial Trust, which helps funds the party’s activ­i­ties dur­ing the 2012 pres­i­den­tial race — which Ryan chaired and forced him out of endors­ing any­one — is now fully funded.  With it fully funded, Ryan is free to endorse whom he pleases.

How this effects Tuesday’s pri­mary is the real ques­tion since polling from a num­ber of sources was show­ing Rom­ney already lead­ing out­side the mar­gin of error in mul­ti­ple polls.

House Bud­get Com­mit­tee Chair­man Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) endorsed Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial fron­trun­ner Mitt Rom­ney Fri­day, say­ing he believed the for­mer Mass­a­chu­setts gov­er­nor was the best can­di­date to face off against Pres­i­dent Obama in the fall and hold the nation’s high­est office.

I am con­vinced that Mitt Rom­ney has the skills, the tenac­ity, the prin­ci­ples, the courage, and the integrity to do what it takes to get Amer­ica back on track. So I believe he’s the right per­son for the job,” Ryan said on Fox News.

The pop­u­lar Wis­con­sin law­maker said his deci­sion was par­tially prompted by vot­ers in his home state ask­ing him before the upcom­ing pres­i­den­tial pri­mary who they should vote for.

We vote here Tues­day in Wis­con­sin. Lots of my friends, fam­ily, sup­port­ers are ask­ing me, you know, ‘Who do you think we should vote for?’ I have two cri­te­ria I am using to make my deci­sion to vote in our pri­mary Tues­day. Who is the best per­son to be pres­i­dent — who will be the best pres­i­dent? And who has the best chance of defeat­ing Barack Obama? And in my mind, Mitt Rom­ney is clearly that per­son,” Ryan said.

Rom­ney has been using Ryan in the role of adviser for his cam­paign on bud­get pol­icy for a num­ber of months.  So this move should have been seen as com­ing for a while.

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Cartoon of the Day

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Cartoon of the Day

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Earl Scruggs, Rest in Peace

The sur­viv­ing mem­ber of “The Foggy Moun­tain Boys” has passed at age 88.  Earl Scruggs, along with his part­ner Lester Flatt helped high­light that all coun­try and west­ern music wasn’t just about singing about your dog, beer, whiskey, woman and your truck.

It was about the music as well, and the pair’s <a href=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIKdswTJ2vY” onclick=“_gaq.push([’_trackEvent’, ‘outbound-article’, ‘http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIKdswTJ2vY’, ’”Foggy Moun­tain Break­down”’]);” rel=“prettyPhoto[g12805]””>“Foggy Moun­tain Breakdown” is still one of the most impres­sive coun­try music instru­men­tals ever composed.

Here’s my favorite ren­di­tion of the piece, it was done years back to cel­e­brate Scruggs’ 80th Birth­day and included some of coun­try music’s great­est musi­cians of the present day.  Also, you might rec­og­nize the man on Sec­ond Banjo and the piano player.


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Nike’s Selective Outrage

The NFL is in the midst of chang­ing from one apparel provider to another as the league’s ten-year deal with Reebok ends and is replaced with a five-year deal with Nike.   Nike will be reveal­ing new uni­forms for all 32 teams on Tues­day, April 3.

Until that hap­pens, Reebok has until the NFL con­tract until mid­night Sat­ur­day and the com­pany is doing all it can to cash in on the league’s two biggest moves — Pey­ton Man­ning to the Den­ver Bron­cos and Tim Tebow to the New York Jets — as much as they can before the con­tract expires.

Nike is not too pleased with one of the moves, par­tic­u­larly the one effect­ing the league’s biggest market. 

Nike Inc. claimed in a law­suit filed in U.S. Dis­trict Court that Reebok Inter­na­tional Ltd. has used Tebow’s name on Jets-related apparel with­out per­mis­sion since it was announced last week that Tebow was traded from the Den­ver Bron­cos to New York.

The Tebow trade occurred just before Nike replaces Reebok on Sun­day as the sup­plier of NFL team uniforms.

The law­suit, which seeks unspec­i­fied dam­ages, claims that Reebok mis­ap­pro­pri­ated pub­lic­ity rights, inter­fered with busi­ness rela­tion­ships and unjustly enriched itself because it failed to get Tebow’s per­mis­sion before launch­ing the new products.

Reebok, based in Can­ton, Mass., did not imme­di­ately respond to a request seek­ing com­ment. The law­suit said Reebok did not respond to demands to cease Tebow apparel sales after a Tebow rep­re­sen­ta­tive sent a let­ter to the com­pany on Friday.

Reebok is a sub­sidiary of Adi­das AG.

Accord­ing to the law­suit, new Nike-supplied uni­forms for all 32 NFL teams will be unveiled next week in New York City, kick­ing off a five-year deal for Nike to be the league’s exclu­sive provider of on-field apparel, includ­ing game uni­forms and side­line apparel. Reebok had been the sup­plier for the last decade.

The law­suit said demands for Tebow-related Jets apparel was intense last week dur­ing a nor­mally sub­dued time for NFL mer­chan­dise sales.

It said Nike, based in Beaver­ton, Ore., believes Reebok was ship­ping large vol­umes of Tebow-related apparel prod­ucts to retail­ers for sale to the pub­lic this week, dam­ag­ing Nike’s abil­ity to cap­i­tal­ize on a “unique and short-lived opportunity.”

Here’s the prob­lem for “The Swoosh,”  NFLShop.com, the league’s offi­cial web­site is high­light­ing gear for both Man­ning and Tebow.  The jersey’s being offered are fairly generic look­ing and most of the gear for both of them is mainly T-shirts.

Mean­ing these are items that can be pro­duced quickly and cheaply.

That didn’t take long. NFLShop.com is already sell­ing Tim Tebow Jets jer­seys online for $84.99. But as with buy­ing Pey­ton Manning’s new jer­sey with the Den­ver Bron­cos there’s a catch.

The Tebow jer­sey now sell­ing online is made by Reebok. Nike takes over as the NFL’s offi­cial out­fit­ter in April, and there’s rumors swirling the Swoosh might sig­nif­i­cantly alter the look of some uniforms.

So if you want to be the first one in the office or on cam­pus with a replica Tebow Jets jer­sey or other gear, go for it. But it won’t be the one worn by Tebow with the Jets this com­ing season.

The NFL’s online shop also posts a dis­claimer that Tebow’s jer­sey num­ber is sub­ject to change — and that they won’t ship until 5–10 busi­ness days after he picks his num­ber and it’s been offi­cially assigned by the club.

Tebow’s No. 15 Bron­cos jer­sey has been one of the NFL’s best-sellers the past two sea­sons. Look for sales of his new Jets jer­sey to take off as he plays in the country’s largest media market.

So…why isn’t Nike suing NFLShop and the league as a whole then since they’re one of the pre­miere (and pos­si­bly only) place you can get this mer­chan­dise on the Internet?

Do I really need to pro­vide an answer for that one, or is the rhetor­i­cal ques­tion plain enough to be seen?

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