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Afghanistan is Not an Issue for Congressman Kagen

Disclosure: Authored by Kurt

As I continue my crusade into answers on why four Democrats from Wisconsin did not support the War Supplemental Bill this past week. I have to undercover “fact finding” results.

On a simple search to find out why Congressman Steve Kagen didn’t support the War Supplemental Bill. It took less than two minutes to discover that on his website http://kagen.house.gov/, Afghanistan is not an Issue for the Congressman. While this may not be surprising in nature, a trip down memory lane please….

According to Nancy Pelosi last year….

Congress is taking America in a New Direction, putting our troops and veterans first. We are fighting for a landmark plan to establish a 21st Century GI Education bill and a pay raise for our troops that exceeds the President’s request.

I wonder why Iraq is still an issue for the Congressman according to his website. While there is an understanding that both are important, Afghanistan should be on the front burner for him.

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What Voting “NO” for War Funding Gets You

Disclosure: Authored by Kurt

As everyone has known for the past few days, Wisconsin’s House delegation were split on the War Supplemental Bill 4-4 this past week. There are a few concerns that I have with some of the delegation.

Dems Tammy Baldwin of Madison, Steve Kagen of Appleton, Gwen Moore of Milwaukee joined Obey of Wausau in opposing the president and the measure. In all, 102 Dems voted no, contending money is needed for economic troubles at home.

Maybe it is me but if “money is needed for economic troubles”, why is Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin going to Afghanistan to get “first hand account of the military and political situation”? She voted “No” on War Funding, however is going to observe the military operation in Afghanistan. This is like saying she has been to all “57” states….

Nevertheless Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin will be going on a trip to Afghanistan to see our service members and expect them to ensure she is safe at all times. All at the same time telling them, they don’t deserve the funding they need to carry out the mission. I bet a trip to Afghanistan for Congresswoman Baldwin isn’t cheap and the per diem is great.
Thanks again for the continued support Congresswoman Baldwin!

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First the Blame Game..Now the Flip Flop

Disclosure: Authored by Kurt

So what could be next? I suppose give another two weeks or a month we will have an answer.

July 30th, 2010 NOW

Gibbs said that Democrats were running stronger campaigns right now than Republicans, and that, despite having previously said there was “no doubt” the GOP could win the majority, Democrats would maintain theirs.

“I think it’s a fairly simple choice come November,” Gibbs said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I think Democrats will be successful, and we’ll keep the House and the Senate.”

JULY 14th, 2010 on Meet the Press – THEN

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The Top Concern in Town – Shut down McDonald’s

Disclosure: Authored by Kurt

I think the city of Culpeper, VA has other things to worry about than closing down a McDonald’s that has been operating for 23 hours a day since October 2007.

On June 8, Zoning Administrator Maxie Brown hand-delivered a notice to the McDonald’s informing the restaurant it was in violation of section 14-13 of the town code, stating retailers located within 150 feet of a residence must close no later than 1 a.m. and cannot open earlier than 5:30 a.m.

Amanda Campbell, director of operations with R.B. Drumheller Inc. — the Luray company that owns Culpeper’s McDonald’s — responded to the violation notice a week later in a letter to Town Manager Jeff Muzzy.

“I spoke to Maxie Brown … about the notice,” Campbell said in the letter. “I explained to her that we have been operating at 4 a.m. and staying open until 3 a.m. since the restaurant was rebuilt and reopened in October of 2007.”

In addition, Campbell said, the original Culpeper McDonald’s “had those hours for many years prior to the rebuild.” She also pointed out that there is only one residence within 150 feet of the restaurant, a home owned by Dr. Harry Burchard, who owns and operates the adjoining Amberwood Veterinary Hospital on Sycamore Street.

In a June 16 letter to the town, Burchard said he had “no problem with McDonald’s operating 24 hours a day.”

“They have made adjustments for my renters which should prevent any problems in the future,” he said. “All in all, McDonald’s has been a good neighbor for 30 years.”

While I understand there is a Town Code, I feel that many of these code’s should be case by case.

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Run Forest Run

Disclosure: Authored by Kurt

This kid has some stamina. This was on Thursday July 22nd, 2010.

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It is Official

Disclosure: Authored by Kurt

I understand that being in the military you have a different set of rules and you need to carry yourself to a higher standard. However sometimes you wish things were different. Yesterday made it official that General McChrystal retired from the Army.

The sunset ceremony, held at Fort McNair on the Anacostia River, marked McChrystal’s retirement from the military after 34 years.

“With my resignation, I . . . left unfulfilled commitments I made to many comrades in the fight, commitments I hold sacred,” McChrystal said. “My service did not end as I would have wished.”

Regardless of the fall out, it is important that General McChrystal was chosen for this assignment by name and has something to speak for being a General in the United States Armed Forces. Thank you for your service General McChrystal.

Gates, who presided over the ceremony, praised McChrystal as “one of America’s greatest warriors.”

“We say goodbye to Stan McChrystal with pride and sadness,” the defense secretary said. “No single American has inflicted more fear or more loss of life on our country’s most vicious and violent enemies.”

McChrystal will be remembered inside the military for the secret effort he led in Iraq to destroy the network of al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic extremists, which were driving the insurgency in Iraq in 2006 and 2007. “Stan has done more to carry the fight to al-Qaeda than anyone else in the Defense Department and probably the nation,” said Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the Army chief of staff.

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Willingness to reduce Cyber Warfare

Disclosure: Authored by Kurt

Boom! Outta Here….
So we begin our journey this morning translating what, “reducing cyber warfare threats” are against other national’s. Of which will likely continue to be a debating society at the United Nations. Nevertheless when does a act of cyber warfare constituent a act of war?

A group of nations — including the United States, China and Russia — have for the first time signaled a willingness to engage in reducing the threat of attacks on each others’ computer networks.

Contrary to popular belief, what is the difference between the current type of cyber warfare and the purposed “reduced” threat. Cyber warfare will continue to pose a threat regardless of the reduced reduction. This is a transnational issue that have shown in the past to be used and to some degree constituent a future act of war. Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a minute…

Russia proposed in 1998:

The Russians proposed a treaty in 1998 that would have banned the use of cyberspace for military purposes. But the United States has not been willing to agree to that proposal, given that the difficulty in attributing attacks makes it hard to monitor compliance.

It only took Russia 10 years later to do the opposite of what they proposed that will continue to leave many questions about cyber warfare. As shown with Russia and Georgia in 2008.

As Russia continued military actions inside Georgia, in apparent violation of a Tuesday cease-fire agreement, some Georgian government Web sites, including the president’s office, remained under attack.
Cyberweapons are becoming a staple of war. The Georgian conflict is perhaps the first time they have been used alongside conventional military action. Governments and private cyberwarriors can exploit Internet security gaps to not only take down government Web sites but also take control of power grids and nuclear reactors.

While many legal and policy hurdles existing for any cyber warfare reduction in the world. I wouldn’t hold my breath if anyone believes that countries like Russia or China would “reduce” their cyber warefare threats against other countries. However if a policy can become effective it would be a huge step to clamp down on countries and state actors that conduct such attacks.

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The Water Cooler

Disclosure: Authored by Kurt

As everyone over the past few months has known, Kevin has disappeared from the blogosphere.  He departed when Oil was still gushing from the Gulf of Mexico and Senator Byrd was still alive.  Nevertheless the need for someone to carry the torch and hold the gas can is finally here.  I planned to take over the website sooner but had a few obstacles to hurdle before I could contribute on a daily or weekly base.   As some viewers may know, I posted while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and when greater responsibilities arose, I could not keep up. 

 I understand that I will never live up to Kevin’s expectations on here.  I compared myself to the Jim Rome Show when Jim Rome would go on vacation and has fillers in his absents.


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