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Another Wrong Jay Bullock Prediction

Remember when Jay Bullock said in his 2010 Predictions that ‘another right-wing blogger would be hired by the MacIver Institute?’

Yeah, still hasn’t happened Jay, but you’ve got six months to go.

Well on that same vine, I have been hired by a political campaign and start today as a Researcher (I’ll let the FEC filings in future weeks tell you which one), so because of that, I will be once again shuttering Lakeshore Laments until after Election Day.

If I do post anything it might be an occasion cartoon of the day or a photo of flowers.  I think that should be okay given other precedents out there in campaigners who blog.

See ya around folks.

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But The Seat’s Not “Red”…Yet

From this morning’s “Morning Score” email from Politico, which I called last night.

PICKING FAVORITES: The DCCC is announcing 11 new additions to its “Red to Blue” list of targeted races Monday, with two particularly telling names on the list: Hawaii state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, the non-DCCC-favored candidate in last month’s special election for her state’s 1st Congressional District, and West Virginia state Sen. Mike Oliverio, who ousted Democratic Rep. Alan Mollohan in a May primary. Neither of those contenders was their party’s top choice; both of them are now the standard-bearers Democrats have settled on for November. Also on the list: Tarryl Clark (in MN-06); Chad Causey (in AR-01); Joyce Elliott (in AR-02); Denny Heck (in WA-03); Julie Lassa (in WI-07); Gary McDowell (in MI-01); Tommy Sowers (in MO-08); Manan Trivedi (in PA-06) and Trent Van Haaften (in IN-08).

NOTABLE: Seven of those seats are actually not targeted for flipping from “red to blue” — they’re open seats being targeted for retention.

(The “Picking Favorites” opening at the start of that paragraph is the actual wording used in the email.  It’s irony applying to what the DCCC, DPW, and David Obey did is just delicious to no end.)

As I posted last night in my compilation post, the DCCC doesn’t have a catch-all program for its seats like the NRCC’s “Young Guns,” so they’re piggybacking the name “Red to Blue” for many of the Democratic-held open seats this cycle.  The confusion (and irony) is that many of these seats were never “Red” in the first place.

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Weekend Quick Hits

Wow, I Forgot My Own Blog-Versary

It was on Thurday.  It’s been 7 years, it’s been one wild, crazy ride.

Not sure that ride is ever going to end when I think about it.

FIFA Looking to Ban Vuvuzelas During Rest of World Cup

There is a God.

Well, It’s Better than “The Department of Armed Boats and Macho Dudes”

The Hill reports that 80 Senators are on-board with a bill to rename “The Department of Navy,” to “The Department of Navy and Marine Corps.”  The bill is the brain-child of Kansas Senator Pat Roberts (R), who is an ex-Marine himself.  For years — and I saw this as the brother of two Marines, one still active duty — those who have been honored to have earned the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor of the United States Marine Corps have stubbornly admitted that the Marines are part of the Navy.

It’s a Marine ego thing, and frankly, I think it’s sort of stupid and the Senate should focus on other things to do with its time than this.  Besides, it’s fun to hear Marines tell you the reality of this situation in fun and interesting way.

My all-time favorite was while attending the Marines’ “Evening Parade” by the President’s Own Marine Band which held at the DC Barracks during Fridays during the Spring and Summer months.  There one of the young Marine musicians said, “Yes, as some of you may know, the Marine Corps is a department of the United States Department of the Navy…THE MEN’S DEPARTMENT.”

Got a great laugh from the section of the audience I was in.

The “Barrett Diet” Meets the GLBT Agenda

Daniel Suhr at GOP3 pointed this out earlier, but it’s always interesting to see when it gets picked up by a national newspaper.  Good thing DPW Chairman Mike Tate is likely using whatever connections he had with Fair Wisconsin from his days there in 2006 to keep them quiet about the point that what Barrett wants to do on the Department of Corrections and Inmate Sex-Changes was just last month declared unconstitutional.

Makes calling them all a bunch of hypocrites that much easier to do.

Great Goal for a Kicker

Packers Kicker Mason Crosby has a new mantra for the 2010 season; “Just Make Kicks.”

Works for me.

DCCC Outsourcing Fund Raising to Lobbyists

Awesome, can’t wait to see who they gave Steve Kagen and Julie Lassa.

Lobbyists may be persona non grata on the campaign trail, but that hasn’t stopped the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from tapping K Street’s brain trust to try to retain the majority.

Facing a tough political cycle, the DCCC is redoubling its efforts to enlist K Streeters to help its most vulnerable “Frontline” program Members with fundraising, messaging and campaign strategy.

The ask was formalized Wednesday evening at a dinner at Acqua Al 2, an Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill, organized by Jennifer Crider, political director for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and deputy executive director at the DCCC.

Officially, Kagen is in the “Frontline” program.  The DCCC hasn’t designated WI-07 in any DCCC program yet.  In the past, they did have a habit of naming Democratic-held open seats in their “Red to Blue” program.

The “Red to Blue” program is supposed to be one about capturing seats, not retaining seats the party already holds.

One-Liners on DPW

  • Saw that some media during this weekend’s DPW Convention made a point at reminding viewers that DPW doesn’t endorse candidates like the Wisconsin GOP does at its convention.  No doubt, that is a Graeme Zielinski-fed line.  Of course, as this cycle has shown, they have no need to for DPW to endorse their candidates, they’ll just play king-maker and arrange for who they want to run for certain offices, run for certain offices unopposed. (See: Tom Barrett, Julie Lassa, Lt. Governor rumors)
  • Mike Tate made a point of saying he’s ‘staying around’ until he can retire Paul Ryan.  Hope he has the patience for it, and DPW donors and activists can tolerate years of continual loses in WI-01.
  • It’s hard not to feel pity for the young Democrats who are ignorant to believe that Todd Kolosso has any chance in hell against Jim Sensenbrenner.  But they look so cute in their disbelief of reality.
  • Jef Hall failed to find a candidate against Tom Petri; and doesn’t have the stones to take him on…again.  (Remember, Mike Tate and Mark Pocan keep trying to convince us all WI-06 is a ‘stealth’ Democratic District.)
  • Russ Feingold says he feels lonely as one of 5 non-millionaires in the U.S. Senate…tell Herb Kohl to retire then.
  • Mark Neumann crashed…yeah, that campaign is almost nearing the “Bring out the laugh-track” stage.

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Cartoon of the Day

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French Fishing Vessel Reaches Stranded Teen Sailor

We can debate the merits of parents willingly letting their 16 yo daughter sail around the world by herself another time.  Until that time, let’s just thank the Lord they still have a daughter who will be coming home to them.

A French fishing vessel made contact with 16-year-old California sailor Abby Sunderland about 6 a.m. ET Saturday, said her brother, Zac. The family will hold a news conference at 9 a.m. ET.

Rescue teams were heading for a remote area in the Indian Ocean to fetch the stranded sailor, who lost contact as she tried to circumnavigate the globe in her 40-foot boat.

Sunderland, who is trying to be the world’s youngest to sail around the world solo, lost satellite contact on Thursday and issued a distress call after what appeared to be a rogue wave hit the boat, damaging its communications equipment.

The first boat expected to rendezvous with Sunderland’s yacht, Wild Eyes, is a French fishing vessel, said her father, Laurence Sunderland, in an interview with Julie Ellerton of Thousand Oaks, California.

“We don’t know where she is going to be taken,” Sunderland said, adding that it could be Australia or the Reunion Islands, a French territory. “Once the authorities have informed us, we will make our necessary plans to rendezvous with her.”

CNN goes on to report that it will likely be Ms. Sunderland’s older brother — who also circumnavigated the globe by sailing himself last year — or one of her sailing teammates who will rendezvous with her when she hits dry land.  Her mother is expecting the family’s newest child any day now and because of that pending arrival, both parents will be staying in California.

Blessings to the Sunderland family on both the new baby and Abby’s safe return.


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Cartoon of the Day

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Let’s Not Mince Words Here

From the WisPolitics blog covering the 2010 DPW Convention:

U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen told delegates he ran for Congress to oppose a pair of wars being waged “a president who couldn’t think things through.”

He said he wants to stay to fulfill the promise of health care reform and help rebuild the nation’s economy. He stressed that he has voted “no to bailouts; yes to jobs,” and said he was proud to deliver on a promise of leaving no patients behind with the passage of health care reform.

But he also said that his constituents are “confused,” and he needs Democrats to help him in the 8th CD.

“They actually believe what they see on TV and think it’s reality,” Kagen said. “We have to work hard to get our message through.”

(Emphasis mine)

Translation: My own polling says I’m losing.

Never really wanted to say this, but I’ve been privy to a few polls — NRCC, that crazy McCormick poll, a poll from another politician running for another office in the Green Bay area — and they all pretty much say the same thing: Kagen’s re-elect numbers are bad.  Never really wanted to believe any of them because 1) the GOP Primary is still going on in WI-08 and generic numbers, even in the historically GOP-leaning 8th CD, are meaningless until the match-up is set;  2) Kagen’s been more than coy about his even running for his own re-election; and  3) While Kagen’s fund-raising isn’t great, he’s going to have an advantage in money in the bank and free media by September 15th, the day after the primary.  It’s just one of the pluses of being the incumbent.

That being said, I really wonder if Kagen’s ready to run a campaign without John Gard to vilify and a Democratic wave to his back.

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Why on Earth Does She Need This, Right Now Exactly?

You have seven months in a lame-duck administration, the Legislature closed up shop a month and a half ago, and you’re actual duties under the Wisconsin State Constitution are almost as limited as Doug LaFollette’s…so what do you do?

Well, if you’re Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton, you think fine time to hire a new Policy Director.

Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton today announced the appointment of Kris Adams Wendt as her Policy and Community Relations Director, effective June 7, 2010.

“Kris brings a lifetime commitment to the public sector and broad-ranging expertise to bear on her work as policy director,” Lawton said. “I am honored to have her help, and look forward to our collaboration in service to the people of Wisconsin.”

Wendt most recently led the Rhinelander District Library as Executive Director from 2003 to 2008, where she focused her work on strengthening community outreach programming. During her tenure as Executive Director, the Wisconsin Library Association named the Rhinelander District Library as its “Library of the Year” for exemplary outreach to community members of all ages.

Prior to her term as executive director she served as Associate Director and Adult Community Services Coordinator from 2001 to 2003 and Associate Director and Children’s Librarian from 1974 to 2001. She co-chaired the Wisconsin Library Association’s Legislative Day from 2007 to 2010.

Wendt serves on the Wisconsin Humanities Council, the Council on Library and Network Development, and the State Superintendent’s Advisory Council on RuralSchools, Libraries and Communities.

In 2003, Lt. Governor Lawton tapped Wendt to serve as a core convener of the Northwoods Regional Solutions Network of Wisconsin Women Equal Prosperity, her groundbreaking economic development initiative to improve the status of women in Wisconsin.

Wendt earned a B.A. from Carroll College and a M.A. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

These no doubt are fine credentials, but let’s review what the Lt. Governor of Wisconsin does again, shall we?

Yeah, I can’t think of anything either, sorry.

In all seriousness, what “Policy” is this new state employee going to do?  The Lt. Governor of the Wisconsin is primarily a power-drained suit and a paycheck waiting for the Governor to die.  In the case of Lawton, Doyle’s so striped her of responsibility that her biggest highlight in the news recently was telling Marquette University they couldn’t get a $13,585 grant to their museum.

(No, national readership, I didn’t make that up.)

In terms of implementing practical policy for the state, Ms. Wendt will not be doing that, since with the Legislature adjourned for the biennial, nothing this woman comes up with will even be considered.  All Ms. Wendt is, without needing to go any further, is a waste of money to the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

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Cartoon of the Day

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“Duffy Recipient of Underage Slave Labor”

Oh, I’m sorry.  Somehow I had gotten a look at what was on the desk of Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski over at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin when they got a view of this video on YouTube.

I mean, they have to spin it bad for Duffy somehow, right?  We can’t have 14 year old boys — out of the sheer goodness of their heart and in the name of being neighborly — cutting the Duffy family lawn for free so Sean can get extra time on the campaign, can we?

That’s just not right!

…and why isn’t some kid in Stevens Point doing that for Lassa on YouTube…right now?!?

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