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Cartoon of the Day

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“Like a Freight Train with Stick’em!”

The mid 90s Dennis Hopper-Sterling Sharpe Nike Commercial, from Hopper’s “Crazy Ref” series for Nike.

Rest in Peace Dennis Hopper, rest in peace.

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Oh How Things Change…

An oldie, but a goodie of a quote I was able to get off the Kagen4Congress website in early 2007 before the Kagen Campaign systematically scrubbed their website of past statements. (via the archives of the BBA)

Kagen made the quote in late 2006 during his first run for Congress.

Appleton, WI – Saying that professional politicians in Washington need to start showing more respect for middle-class Wisconsin taxpayers, Dr. Steve Kagen today said that a top priority for the next Congress must be ending pork-barrel projects and special-interest spending.

“The old Congress that left town last week amid scandal and controversy will be replaced on November 7 with a new Congress,” Dr. Kagen said. “We will stand up for true Wisconsin values by balancing the federal budget, putting an end to pork, and enacting strict new spending limits to bring down the record deficits we are inheriting.”

Dr. Kagen said Congress this session set records for padding legislation with special-interest spending. Last year, some 15,877 pork projects were slipped into bills, costing taxpayers more than $47 billion.

“That’s five times as much pork, at more than twice the cost, as a decade ago and more than last year’s entire $41 billion budget for homeland security,” Dr. Kagen said. “Instead of refocusing resources on supporting our troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq or investing in a more competitive economy, they have squandered the taxpayers’ money on special-interest projects.”

This past weekend, in article on earmark spending from the Appleton Post-Crescent.

Beginning last year, lawmakers were required to post their requests for earmark funding on their House office Web sites. In Wisconsin’s House delegation:

æ Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, is asking for $113.7 million for 73 projects;

æ Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, wants $81.8 million for 72 projects; and

æ Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, is requesting $550.7 million for 54 projects.

æ Rep. Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, is not asking for any earmark funding this year for economic reasons.

“As our country struggles through the most difficult economic situation in a generation, every dollar matters,” Kind said. “We must look out for excessive spending, and we must continue working to ensure greater transparency and increased fiscal responsibility in the earmark process.”

Dave Obey (D-Wausau) is reported as seeking $213.3 million for 85 projects in his district.  Herb Kohl is seeking $345.3 million for an undisclosed number of projects.  Russ Feingold is continuing is record of never asking for earmarks.

Kagen is not quoted in the article defending any of his pork projects, amazing since he usually can’t wait to get in front of a microphone held by a Post-Crescent reporter.

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Cartoon of the Day

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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry

So much for the Democrats avoiding a primary in the 7th Congressional District. Not that Dave Obey, Mike Tate, and others didn’t try.

One almost have to love the acting job Rep. Louis Molepske Jr. (D-Stevens Point) did in his role of “Lone Elected Official Holding Out and Thinking About Challenging the Establishment.”   Stellar work sir.

Emmy worthy actually.

An author and internet consultant from Iron River, Wisconsin wants to grab retiring Wisconsin Congressmen Dave Obey’s seat.

Joe Reasbeck is expected to make the official announcement tomorrow morning at the Richard Bong Museum in Superior.

Reasbeck, who will be a Democratic contender, says he seeds a need for leadership to create sustainable jobs that help diversify the economy. He says it’s important because local economics today are competing with the world.

Reasbeck most recently served as an advisor on the Google Twin Ports Movie.

Wisconsin State Senator Julie Lassa is also campaigning for the 7th district office on the Democratic ticket.

Ashland District Attorney Sean Duffy and Dan Mielke are the Republican contenders for the seat.

A quick Google search on Reasbeck finds that his is the author of “Nearfall,” the story about two brothers on their high school wrestling team.  It hit paperback in 2007.   Another link shows their was talk about making it into a movie in 2009.

So if all of the above is true, he’s going to have money possibly attached to him.  Which likely means Lassa won’t have a “gnat,” but an actual challenger here depending on how series of a run Mr. Reasbeck puts it.

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Cartoon of the Day

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Baldwin, Partner Split

Personally, I only see two…alright three questions on the Baldwin-Azar split.

1) Why is this news?  I mean seriously, it’s a “divorce,” rather common place today.

2) Will the long-rumored “truth” behind Azar’s appointment to the PSC (She’s there because of Tammy, not because of anything else) finally be admitted?

3) Will we get a press release when the invalid Canadian marriage of Mark Pocan ends someday too?

U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin and her partner of nearly 15 years are separating.

Baldwin, a Madison Democrat and first open lesbian elected to Congress, issued a statement through her office Friday saying she and Lauren Azar are terminating their domestic partnership.

They were among the first to sign up for Wisconsin’s domestic partnership registry for same-sex couples last year.

Azar is a member of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities. She was appointed by Gov. Jim Doyle in 2007.

The statement said Baldwin and Azar would have no more comment about the private matter.

I’m overall…indifferent on Gay Marriage since 2006.  Oh, I still believe I voted the right way on the Marriage Amendment, since I wouldn’t trust State Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abramhamson on deciding the issue on the merits of the law or the Wisconsin Constitution — which by the way actually states marriage as between “a husband and a wife.”  (I’m still waiting for the state left to attack Doyle for his classic “Only an idiot doesn’t know what that means” press release.)

As a Catholic, I firmly believe the word “Marriage” means something.  So, while I’m okay with any form of same-sex domestic partnership, could the homosexual community please not sully the word “Marriage” even more?

Lord knows the heteros and divorce attorneys (Face it, the real winners in any successful state with a “Gay Marriage” law are the divorce attorneys.) have done enough damage already to the institution.

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Why I Quit Reading The Atlantic

Once upon a time, The Atlantic used to be a great magazine which was traditionally devoid of any real bias, but would give both sides of the political debate an even share.  They had conservatives, they had liberals, but they never played favorites and never had a bias for or against anyone in politics.

That pretty much changed when their Editor-in-Chief Michael Kelly died while covering the Iraq War.  Since then, the magazine’s steep decline and slide has been hard to ignore.  It’s turned into a magazine where its writers act like divas (Andrew Sullivan anyone?) and its reporters (Marc Ambinder) act more like spin doctors for those inside the Obama White House.

Now take this post from the Atlantic’s blog by Daniel Indiviglio, I’m taking it as posted by James Joyner at his blog “Outside the Beltway.”

At 3:08 yesterday afternoon, The Atlantic‘s Daniel Indiviglio posted a piece titled “Kenneth Starr Charged With Running $30 Million Ponzi Scheme” and with the lede,

Somewhere, Bill Clinton is smiling. One-time special prosecutor who uncovered the dirty details of the former President’s affair with intern Monica Lewinsky has been engaged in some bad behavior of his own, according to the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission.

At ~3:18, he posted a correction:

Apparently there are two famous Kenneth Starrs. The one charged is an investment advisor to the stars, but not the former special prosecutor. Apologies to Bill Clinton if we got his hopes up — and to the other Kenneth Starr.

I’m not sure whether this means bloggers should wait 10 minutes longer before posting wild stories, Kenneth Starr (not the one charged with massive crimes, but the other one) has a hell of a reputation management system, or what.

10 minutes from posting to correction.  Good to see the research standards at The Atlantic are up to snuff.

It’s a pity one can’t say the same about the editorial staff.

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Cartoon of the Day

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Video of the Day

(H/T Greg Mankiw)

After some digging, the best I can come up with is that this was part of a UK show where, for the sake of both education and comedy, they did this segment.

It’s priceless and a great way to see the world economy as it now stand in action given the state of the Euro, sovereign debt, and so on.

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