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Quote of the Day

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson in an article from Gannett Wisconsin on his colleague Tammy Baldwin’s signature on a letter to the NFL to get them to drop the nickname of “Redskins” from its Washington, DC-based franchise:

“And when it comes to football,” he said, “I will concentrate on the Green Bay Packers.”

Remember when you used to mock Congress for putting priority on hearings on steroids in baseball over real issues last decade?  The 50 Democratic senators who sent that letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell deserve the same treatment.

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Cartoon of the Day


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Quote of the Day

Andrew Sullivan, one of the biggest advocates for gay marriage out there, on the sudden resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich after a public campaign to get him fired succeeded.  In 2008, Eich gave $1,000 to the group which supported California’s Prop 8.  Prop 8, was California’s public referendum which suspended gay marriages in that state until it was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court last summer.

Will he now be forced to walk through the streets in shame? Why not the stocks? The whole episode disgusts me – as it should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society. If this is the gay rights movement today – hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else – then count me out. If we are about intimidating the free speech of others, we are no better than the anti-gay bullies who came before us.

Both sides of this argument have pretty much been overrun by their extremes.  Instead of just going with a more libertarian “Hey, just leave everyone alone” stance, both sides (with the left now going to this extreme) have hunkered down on their positions.

Let’s just be honest here, the gay marriage side won folks.  It is going to happen, probably nationwide in the next 15 years.  The problem the left is now having is one most advocacy groups don’t want to admit victory and then close their doors (You know, like most sane people would do.).  They have professional activists who need paychecks, so the battle must go on.

Even if it means free speech and religious liberty must be sacrificed in the process.  Congratulations gay rights groups, you’ve started a modern-day inquisition.


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Florida Liberals Also Behave Badly

It’s never good when a wife has to get a restraining order against her husband.

It’s news when the husband is a congressman.

A judge has granted a temporary protective injunction against U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson after his wife filed paperwork accusing the Orlando congressman of shoving and injuring her during an incident this past weekend.

Lolita Grayson’s petition for the injunction, dated Monday, says her husband pushed her against a door, causing her to fall to the ground, during a confrontation Saturday at their home on Oak Park Road near Windermere.

In a statement, Alan Grayson’s press secretary, Lauren Doney, wrote that the allegations “are absolutely false, completely unfounded, and clearly designed to vilify and harm Congressman Grayson.”

“Congressman Grayson firmly denies Ms. Grayson’s frivolous accusations,” the statement said.

The incident comes just less than two months after Lolita Grayson filed a divorce petition stating that their marriage of nearly 24 years was “irretrievably broken.”

Asked about the incident, Orange County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Angelo Nieves said in a written response that the agency “is currently conducting a Domestic Violence investigation which is open and active at this point.”

A heavily redacted Sheriff’s Office document released Tuesday identified Lolita Grayson as the victim in the incident and listed the offense under investigation as domestic-violence battery.

Grayson was not arrested in the incident and is not currently facing any criminal charges.

Lolita Grayson is also reported to be petitioning for joint, but primary, custody of the couple’s children.

Grayson is something of an icon to the hardcore liberal elite and online Left.  He also is facing a tough re-election fight (as he did — and lost — in 2010) after reclaiming his House seat in 2012.

He seems to only be able to win it on the years of presidential-level turnout.

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Apparently this Ad from Cadillac is Driving Liberals Nuts

…and it’s for an electric car nonetheless.

What, the line about “taking all of August off” get under their skin or something?

For those curious, that’s character actor Neal McDonough, who may be best known recently for his recurring role of the FX Series “Justified” during its third season as well as being “Dum Dum Dugan,” in “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

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Planned Parenthood Proves WisconsinEye’s Case in its Defense of Actions

I’m not a copyright lawyer (it is an interest of mine though…), but if you’re on the verge of a cease and desist order, or lawsuit for violating the wholly-owned copyright of video distribution rights, the last thing you ever say is “watch the whole video.” 

Not only does it prove WisconsinEye’s point that Planned Parenthood is violating their copyright, it is explicitly saying it has changed video to put their own context on the events that occurred in the state Senate chamber that morning.

WisconsinEye Public Affairs Network on Tuesday accused Planned Parenthood of violating its user agreement by using the footage of Ellis in a political ad. The footage used showed Ellis, of Neenah, banging his gavel and shouting at lawmakers during debate of a bill requiring doctors who perform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges. The ad has been airing on television stations in Green Bay.

Planned Parenthood attorney Nicole Safar responded Wednesday, urging the public to watch the entire debate to “make their own decision about Sen. Mike Ellis.”

My decision after watching it:  Senate Democrats were acting like children, Ellis was trying to maintain order.  Five seconds of video tells a completely different take than thirty minutes of video.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin knows this; and if they aren’t smart, all the money they hoped to use to finance their operations in the Badger State will end up in escrow to help finance about five years of WisconsinEye’s production costs.

By the way, for every liberal in Wisconsin who’s bitching about what WisconsinEye is doing, consider this: C-SPAN does the exact same thing and always has when it comes to copyright of their video.

Since 1979.

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Democratic Congressional Staffers Behaving Badly

This comes from LegisStorm, a website run by a non-partisan outfit of the same name which tracks Congressional staffers, their salaries, and apparently now, their personal blogs.

This, is what they found on the personal website of a soon-to-be ex-staffer of retiring Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL).  (Best of luck job hunting after this gets out.)

Congressional staff are supposed to work behind the scenes and leave all the headlines for their boss. However, as LegiStorm closed the book on the turbulent tenure of departed Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), two of his less discreet staff caught our eye.

Jeffery Mingo, an aide in the congressional district’s Homewood, Ill. office since 2000 (and even after Jackson left), describes himself as an “ethnic studies scholar” and student of such subjects as gay studies and critical race theory on his Amazon.com profile. Mingo’s profile interspersed reviews of multiple pornographic titles with children’s toys and cartoons. Here are Mingo’s words on “Black Tranny Whackers 06” from Nov. 17:

“I want to see men get busy with trannies. I want to see men be passive with trannies. For those who like interracial action, a white typical male-black tranny combo would really show how opposites can attract. However, this is just black trannies mastering their domains. Black trannies need love too!…this monkey-spanking stuff is just too boring and uninteresting to be bothered with. Yuck! And Yawn!”

His review appeared one day after a much more glowing review of a DVD of “The Smurfs”. Mingo did not have much better things to say about “Frat Boys on the Loose 08” on Oct. 18, in part because the movie featured “Ken doll types” and “I like men who are fat or have chest hair.”

However, his Halloween review of “Forced Bi Cuckolds 05” was more favorable: “Here, all the men either give or receive male pleasure. … You don’t have to be a both-ways man to enjoy this novel and exciting new genre. I highly recommend it.”

Mingo declined comment on his reviews. Within a few hours, the ones featuring pornography were taken down.

A reviewer of gay porno and gay sex toys, just what America wants up on the Hill!


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David Corn Loses it at Barnes & Noble

H/T Sean Hackbarth of the American Mind via Twitter:

MSNBC Contributor and Mother Jones’ Washington Bureau Chief David Corn apparently got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

He was spotted in the Barnes & Noble at Union Station throwing a fit because his new book — his fifth — fitting called Showdown: The Inside Story of How Obama Fought Back Against Boehner, Cantor, and the Tea Party out today didn’t have its own display. He was overheard yelling at the manager that “every paper in America” was going to be talking about his book today and yet nobody could find it there.

The manager explained that corporate tells him what books get displays and that the order did not call for that. Corn maintained that the bookstore wasn’t well run and stormed out in a huff.

“It was a scene,” our spy tells us.

Corn, who is usually very amiable, explained to FishbowlDC what happened. He admitted he was “agitated” but said he did not “lose his temper” with either the Nook salesman out front or the manager in back. “Agitated? Yes. Losing my temper? No. I was exasperated.” Corn said he was upset that this is the only bookseller left on Capitol Hill and that his book was not prominently displayed, as he’d been promised.

“It could just be this bookstore didn’t get the memo,” he surmised. “People are walking by. This is the day you want them to see the cover. You don’t know what it means the day your book comes out and your book is not prominently displayed.”

Our spy said the manager kept his cool. “Manager was awesome. Totally calm. Looked up the order for him to confirm no display. Actually, he acted as if he gets a bunch of jerks coming in there with similar demands. Washington!”

Media Bistro goes on to report the book was later given its own display hours later.  They also report Corn offered to do a book signing to smooth things over.

Having frequented more than a few book stores, I can’t imagine what it’s like to get memos from publishers about which books to push and which ones get their own tables, displays and what not.  I also can’t imagine what it’s like to be a bookseller in a town where practically one out of every 1,000 residents can honestly tell you, “I wrote a book, why isn’t it being displayed?!?”

Also will say I’m a tad shocked that the B&N at Union Station is the last book seller on the Hill.  Tells you there needs to be more than bars and cheap food joints on the part of Pennsylvania Ave which lies north of the Capitol.

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Feingold – “Pleased” With Drone Killing of Al-Awlaki

Somewhere, in a private library in New York City or Washington, DC, Glenn Greenwald is crying.

His hero has abandoned him.

WASHINGTON — Former Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold, whose lone vote against the Patriot Act made him a hero among civil libertarians, said he has no problem with the killing of U.S.-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in a drone attack in Yemen last fall.

“I’m very pleased that he was taken out,” said Feingold, who spoke to The Huffington Post ahead of the Tuesday release of his new book, “While America Sleeps.” “I do believe he was part and parcel of al Qaeda. I do think it is legitimate to go after al Qaeda operatives.”

The clandestine assassination of an American citizen without a trial sparked a legal and moral debate last year that echoed a similar one after 9/11 as lawmakers drafted the now controversial Patriot Act. A secret Obama administration memo leaked soon after the strike concluded that Awlaki could be legally targeted if it was not possible to capture him alive.

Even as he told The Huffington Post in an interview that “Americans have metaphorically gone back to sleep when it comes to constitutional intrusions in the name of fighting terrorism,” the former member of the Senate Intelligence Committee made clear that in Awlaki’s case, exceptions should be made.

“It is a serious question that they did address and opinionize on that had to do with the difficulty of whether or not you can actually do this with an American citizen,” he said of the decision to kill Awlaki. “It has to do under their analysis with whether there was any way to take him alive. Their claim was they could not, and in that circumstance it appears to be legal.”

But what about the Obama administration’s controversial ratcheting up of drone strikes?

“As to the tactics, I’m not going to speak to the specifics of the drone,” Feingold said. “I was on the intelligence committee and I’m not going to get into that right now.”

The killing of Al-Awlaki has had the civil liberties for terrorists crowd up in arms because the noted Islamic fundamentalist, Al-Queda recruiter, and believed inspiration of the Fort Hood shooting, was an American citizen.  So, in their opinion, having the Obama Administration give the okay to have him killed without a trial in the deserts of Yemen was murder.

To have one of the heroes of civil libertarians, especially the lone vote against the Patriot Act, give a verbal approval to the Al-Awlaki drone attack is akin to being stabbed in the back.

Why would Feingold sell them down the river on this issue?  The answer simple — Politics.

Despite the “Maverick” reputation which only the media and liberals still believe Feingold possesses, in reality, he’s a party a guy.  And after being named a national co-chairman of the Obama re-election, Russ is going to tow the party line with the best of them.  And the party line from the Obama White House is “Killing Al-Awlaki was a good thing.”

So of course, now to Russ, “Killing Al-Awlaki was a good thing.”

My opinion on the drone attack — Hey, this SOB was responsible for the killing a high school classmate at Fort Hood, fled the country to avoid justice, and was recruiting for a known terrorist organization.  Only one question — U.S. Citizen or not, where do I sign the kill order?

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Lena & Larson Lost Their Free TV Ride

Oh, it’s only for a week, so I doubt the two will sweat it much.

Of course, if this were say the show that theoretically Glenn Grothman appeared on nearly nightly, the other side would be going nuts!

Here’s what Ed Schultz — once voted the 2nd most hated man in North Dakota (after then-Packers QB Brett Favre by those Vikings’ crazy North Dakotans) — said.

ED SCHULTZ (02:52): And what do the Republicans thinking about? They’re not thinking about their next-door neighbor. They’re just thinking about how much this is going to cost. President Obama is going to be visiting Joplin, Mo., on Sunday but you know what they’re talking about, like this right-wing slut, what’s her name?, Laura Ingraham? Yeah, she’s a talk slut. You see, she was, back in the day, praising President Reagan when he was drinking a beer overseas. But now that Obama’s doing it, they’re working him over.

Ah yes, embrace the left-wing misogyny!

By the end of the day, the pressure to put out the fire either got to Schultz, who pulled himself off the air, and NBC, which suspended the cretin for a week without pay.


MSNBC management met with Ed Schultz this afternoon and accepted his offer to take one week of unpaid leave for the remarks he made yesterday on his radio program. Ed will address these remarks on his show tonight, and immediately following begin his leave. Remarks of this nature are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The best response, naturally comes from Laura Ingraham herself, who had this to say on Facebook.

Re. the crude comments made about me by Ed Schultz on his radio program: First, I was surprised to learn that Ed Schultz actually hosted a radio show. Is it only available online? Second, I have to get back to recording the audio edition of my new book “Of Thee I Zing.” Now I’m tempted to insert one additional zing–about men who preach civility but practice misogyny.

I hear there’s another Joint Finance Committee hearing today in Madison, and we all know what a show that tends to be for Lena Taylor.  Perhaps, during one of the recesses or in-between rants, one of those “enterprising, young reporters” could ask the state senator her thoughts on the matter.

Or Chris Larson?

Or any of the other “Fab 14” since they too were frequent guests of Schultz’s?

Or am I going to have to take things into my own hands on this matter soon?

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