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Quote of the Day

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson in an article from Gannett Wisconsin on his colleague Tammy Baldwin’s signature on a letter to the NFL to get them to drop the nickname of “Redskins” from its Washington, DC-based franchise:

“And when it comes to football,” he said, “I will concentrate on the Green Bay Packers.”

Remember when you used to mock Congress for putting priority on hearings on steroids in baseball over real issues last decade?  The 50 Democratic senators who sent that letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell deserve the same treatment.

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Cartoon of the Day


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Brewers’ Bullpen “Wang Chung” in St. Louis

Apparently this is a thing that Brewers bullpen catcher (talk about a sweet gig on any baseball team) Marcus Hanel has been doing for the past few weeks — dance videos in opposing teams’ cities to the song “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by the ’80s New Wave group “Wang Chung.”

The videos are in honor of Taiwanese Brewers relief pitcher Wei-Chung Wang, and an obvious play on his name.  Here is the latest installment, by the St. Louis Arch.


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This is Why I Love Baseball

On my scorecard, I’d post this as FO2 – 6 – 1.

That’s a Foul Out to the catcher, than to the shortstop, and back to the pitcher.


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Kohler Co. Confirms Plan to Build 5th Golf Course


(…the very rich guys who can afford greens fees at these simply amazing golf courses.)

Kohler Co. officials have confirmed plans for a fifth golf course in Sheboygan County, but otherwise remain tight-lipped on the details.

Speaking Monday night to the Wilson Town Board and a crowd of close to 100 people at the board’s meeting, company officials said they’re planning an 18-hole golf course on a 247-acre property Kohler owns along Lake Michigan, just north of Kohler Andrae State Park.

That’s the same site where Kohler had been looking to build a luxury wilderness retreat called the Tented Forest, which they recently scrapped.

Michael Belot, general manager of Kohler’s hospitality division, spoke briefly to the board and said the company is planning a golf course with a clubhouse, maintenance facility and golf cart barn. Golfers would access the development from South 12th Street.

Belot declined to provide additional details after the meeting, but said the company will provide more information once the proposal goes before the town’s Plan Commission.

The Town Board will be asked to issue a conditional-use permit for the project. That will allow the company to respond to any concerns raised by the community.

Town Attorney John St. Peter said a golf course fits the existing zoning for the property and no other local approval will be needed.

The meeting marked the first time Kohler publicly acknowledged its plans for a new golf course since word got out in late February that the company was looking to expand its golf empire in Sheboygan County.

The fact that they will have golf carts is a sign they want to make this course closer to what Blackwolf Run has at its 36-holes and what the Irish Course is at Whistling Straits — a much more comparative, but upper echelon, golf course the rest of Sheboygan Co. is used to.

If I were to take a guess, I’d say Kohler Co. would want these up and running by 2020.  That’s when Whistling Straits is scheduled to host the Ryder Cup and whatever this golf course is eventually named would be a welcome attraction to an area that continues to prove to be Wisconsin’s Golf Mecca.

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Cartoon of the Day


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Video of the Day

This is why you don’t bang on the glass at an NHL game unless you’re absolutely sure play is stationary in front of you.

A young kid during a Columbus Blue Jackets and Montreal Canadiens game learned that the hard way.

(H/T Rare)


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Cartoon of the Day


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Image of March Madness

Everything about Wichita State’s season so far, but their conference championship t-shirts.

BiX8soOCMAAIQtc.png large(Photo via ESPN’s Twitter feed.)

Most college basketball analysts have the Shockers of Wichita State as having one of the four “1-Seeds” in the NCAA Tournament, slated to start next week.

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Brett Bielema Couldn’t Recruit

One of my biggest pet peeves during the “Brett Bielema Era” of Wisconsin Badgers football was that the man couldn’t recruit to save his soul.  While Ohio State and Michigan were constantly reloading (until “Big Blue” was derailed by the Rich Rodriguez experiment) with studs from across the country, Wisconsin couldn’t find anyone beyond a battering ram running back to fill the Badgers’ needs.

And let’s not forget other oversights — some of them due to the way the Badgers played, some due to his own decisions — of how top Wisconsin high school talent was overlooked.

(Did you know that Pewaukee’s J.J. Watt — a top NFL Draft pick in 2011 — transferred as a walk-on after spending some years playing at Central Michigan?)

Sports Illustrated has a piece online right now highlighting the perils Bielema now faces as the head coach of Arkansas.  Mostly, it’s about how his move from the Big Ten to the SEC has brought to light a lot of his faults as a coach.  Chief among them, his arrogance, his swagger that he can’t back up (Current lifetime record in the SEC: 0-8), and at the end  he can’t recruit with the big boys.

So says SI.

The bad news, though, is that even with the three league titles that Bielema won with the Badgers, his Wisconsin teams rarely beat opponents with more touted high school talent. Under Bielema, the Badgers went 1-5 against Ohio State, 2-3 against Penn State and 2-4 in bowl games. In a study that strongly correlates recruiting rankings with victories, SB Nation’s Matt Hinton divided the major-conference FBS programs into five tiers (five-stars, four-stars, etc.) based on their recruiting rankings from 2010 to ’13. Wisconsin fell into the two-star group, alongside the likes of USF and Purdue, yet did not overachieve to the extent that one might assume. “They were actually very ordinary in that span against blue-chip competition, putting up losing records against five-star (2-3), four-star (3-6) and even three-star (5-6) opponents,” wrote Hinton. “Much of Wisconsin’s success is based on thorough, consistent dominance of its two-star peers in the Big Ten — Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue — against whom the Badgers have won 17 in a row.”

That trend does not bode well for Arkansas, considering five of its six SEC West opponents (Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss and Texas A&M) fell into Hinton’s four- or five-star tiers. Yet, so, too, did the Razorbacks, so theoretically they’re not that far behind their competition. But there aren’t many Indianas on the schedule to help boost their record.

Any Badgers football fan already knows all these stats, I just don’t believe many wanted to believe them while “the Cardinal and Cream” were going to back-to-back-to-back Rose Bowls (losing all of them by the way…) and the Big Ten title plaques kept going up at Camp Randall.  The truth of the matter is, Wisconsin under Bielema wasn’t much of a national powerhouse.  It was a just the big kid on the block beating up on all the smaller children in the neighborhood.

Perhaps that will change in the new “East / West” divisional format starting next year in Big Ten football (now encompassing 14 teams) and with a Badgers team that will now be much more the product of Gary Andersen’s than it was Brett Bielema’s.  Oh, I still have my issues with Wisconsin playing nothing but cupcakes for its non-conference games, but that too appears to be changing.

Bucky will be taking on a number of SEC teams in the coming years, many of them at NFL stadiums to fulfill the demands of the public’s interest.

There are many things to dislike about Brett Bielema post-Wisconsin — such as the comparison to Andersen personally calling all of his players to inform them he was leaving Utah for Wisconsin, while most in Wisconsin found out about Bielema as he was cleaning out his desk at Camp Randall — but for me, it was always his recruiting and the inability to make Wisconsin Badgers football something more.

Good luck with that attitude in the SEC, coach.  You clearly look like you’re going to need it if you’re going to make it past this season still employed.

Until then, #KARMA.

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