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Mumbai Pizza Chain Already Delivering Pizzas by Drone

Way to highlight that innovative spirit America…NOT!

The FAA, killing “Pizza by Drone” since 2011.

Would you like your pizza home-delivered by an unmanned drone? That may not be impossible in future, for a little-known pizza chain in Mumbai last week succeeded in making a test-delivery less than 3km away from its outlet in Lower Parel by using a remote-controlled, GPS-enabled drone.

The ‘customer’ was actually a friend of the chain’s CEO, so it was technically not a sale, as commercial deliveries by drones are not allowed in India. Yet, in a way, it was a first for a product delivery Amazon has only planned. On May 11, the drone took off from the Lower Parel outlet and, flying at a speed of 30km an hour, manoeuvred its way atop the city’s mill district to reach its destination, a high-rise in Worli, in nearly 10 minutes.

The drone dropped the 13-inch plain margherita pizza, weighing half a kilo, on the 21st floor rooftop (where it was collected by the ‘customer’) before taking off again for the return journey. The speed with which the delivery was made thus beat the record for most leading pizza chains, which manually deliver pizzas within 30 minutes.

The drone used in the operation was custom-made, said an official from the pizza chain, adding that an auto engineer friend of his had helped him make the flight possible. The official said the chain had carried out the test-delivery as an experiment because it wants to be ready when regulations in India allow for such methods of product delivery.

Drones are quite common in India. The motion picture industry there has apparently been using them for years.

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Plurality believe “Arab Spring” has backfired on U.S.

Honestly, I’m shocked this isn’t over 50 percent.

Many hoped that the “Arab Spring” protests that began three years ago would lead to a new era of democracy in a number of Islamic countries, but U.S. voters now see that as increasingly unlikely and think the changes there have been bad for America.

Just nine percent (9%) of Likely U.S. Voters believe the changes in countries such as Egypt, Libya and Tunisia have been good for the United States, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.  Forty-one percent (41%) think the rise of new governments in those countries has been bad for America instead. Twenty-six percent (26%) say the changes have had no impact, while nearly as many (24%) are not sure.

Hope is a wonderful thing.  Unfortunately, in an area of the world where strongmen have long run things and thugocracy replaces thugocracy, you often have to stop and be thankful for democracy.


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My Sentiments Exactly…

Jonah Goldberg’s lede in his latest column nails what I’ve been thinking has to be the larger Obama Administration’s “doctrine” on foreign policy.

I think we all know what Barack Obama’s foreign-policy strategy coming into office was.

Step 1: Be Barack Obama (and not George W. Bush).

Step 2: ????

Step 3: World peace!

(With apologies to South Park.)

As a candidate, Obama held a huge campaign rally in, of all places, Berlin, touting his bona fides as a citizen of the world. The crowd went wild, as he talked at length about a world without walls (you had to be there). As president, in his first major speech abroad, Obama suggested to a Cairo audience that the fact America elected him was all the proof anyone should need that America had turned the page.

It all seems very strange now in retrospect, but in his defense, you can understand how seductive this notion must have been. The whole world — at least the parts of it that Obama listens to — was telling him that replacing George W. Bush with Barack Obama was just the ticket for what ailed the planet. The fervor was all so detached from facts on the ground that the Nobel Committee even gave Obama a Peace Prize for the stuff they were sure he was going to do, eventually. (One clue that Obama’s cult of personality didn’t actually translate into tangible results on the world stage should have been his failure to win the 2016 Olympics for his hometown of Chicago, despite being the first president to personally lobby for it.)

This explains a lot.

I mean, one of the most bullshit, puke-inducing lines from the sycophant-in-chief for Obama, Andrew Sullivan, during the 2008 election was that “All the world needs to know about Obama is that his middle name is Hussein.”

Really?  That’s it.  That alone is going to get nations to stop hating us?  That by just pointing to the man’s middle name is enough to turn swords into plow shears?

Please.  This entire presidency has been one long foreign policy failure after another.  Iran?  Hey, let’s talk to them, consider it a “Win” and then COMPLETELY IGNORE ACTUAL POPULAR UPRISING TO OVERTHROW THE MAD MULLAHS IN 2009 FOR TWO WEEKS AS THE RIOT COPS COME IN AND CRUSH SOME HEADS!  Southeast Asia?  So what if China looks like its acting like pre-World War II Japan and frightening every single one of its neighbors (and U.S. allies to boot).

Ukraine?  Just tell me when it’s either one, two, or three countries — or do we just wait until the Russian flag flies over Kiev again?

Iraq?  Well, the countries completely collapsed into a corruptocracy and treats women like brood mares, but hey, we got our troops out of there!

Afghanistan, land of “The Right War?”  Well, the leader has pretty much handed the country over to warlords and past-Taliban types and we’ve all but pissed away a status-of-forces agreement with Karzi.

Do I even bother with things like Syria, Egypt and Libya?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Part of the problem is that this White House thought “If we’re not there, there’s no problem,” failed to see how the world really acts.  Much of the world operates under a schoolyard mentality.  While liberals may like to see the United States as “the bully” in this scenario, the reality has long been we’ve been acting as “recess monitor” since the end of World War II whether we wanted to or not.  It was the U.S. who has to act as “Global Cop” because no one else is able or even remotely capable of.

When we don’t, crap like the stuff happening now does.  When you don’t act with a firm hand, the kids on the playground laugh at you behind your back and then go beat up the nerds when you aren’t looking.

It’s a cruel lot in life, but frankly, it’s the job of U.S. foreign policy to keep the world sane, not coddled and supplied with lollypops, warm hugs, and good feelings.

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