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Cartoon of the Day


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Cartoon of the Day

Happy Easter everyone.


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Programming Note

I’ll be on the “Week in Review” segment this morning on WPR’s “Joy Cardin Show” from 8 to 9 AM.

My sparing partner “on the Left” will once again be former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager.

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Broken Bulb Leads to Evacuation of State Capitol

Well this doesn’t happen too often, now does it?

 Police briefly evacuated the Wisconsin state Capitol building after a state senator’s light bulb began to smoke.

Fire alarms began ringing throughout the building around 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday. Police ordered everyone out.

A spokeswoman for the state Department of Administration said a light bulb in state Sen. Dale Schultz’s office popped and began to smoke. She says it didn’t catch fire, though, and authorities re-opened the Capitol shortly before 11 a.m.


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So, 35 Huh?

This is the age you start worrying about your fiber intake, right?

In all seriousness, let me take a moment to wish my fellow birthday-mates, Rick Esenberg and Brian Fraley a Happy Birthday as well.

As usual, we’ll be celebrating with a somber ceremony at our maturation pods in the sub-basement of the Bradley Foundation.

(If you believe the above line, you are an idiot and fail to understand nuance.)

Highly doubt I’ll do much for my birthday.  Today is also Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, so that pretty much kills the thought of going out and treating myself to a nice steak.

Could look for a fish fry though…

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Quote of the Day

I’m a big fan of the “I’m Leaving Congress” Party. 

For starters, it’s bipartisan.  It’s also when those leaving Congress are their most honest.  They don’t have to care about re-election, they don’t have to care about bucking party leadership (Get ready for this from Dale Schultz folks), and they tend to tell the truth.

Jim Moran is a Democratic Congressman from Virginia, particularly the Arlington and Alexandria area, and he’s pretty much admitting that ObamaCare is busted, that government programs rob the young all to placate the elderly politically, and that he (and likely most Democrats) has no idea how to fix the health care law.

“I’m afraid that the millennials, if you will, are less likely to sign up. I think they feel more independent, I think they feel a little more invulnerable than prior generations, But I don’t think we’re going to get enough young people signing up to make this bill work as it was intended to financially.”

“And, frankly, there’s some legitimacy to their concern because the government spends about $7 for the elderly for every $1 it spends on the young.”

“I just don’t know how we’re going to do it frankly, If we had a solution I’d be telling the president right now.”

The U.S. Federal Government, screwing over the young for the sake of the old since 1935.

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SF-Area Charity to Cover Taxpayer Costs of “Bat-Kid”

The story of “Bat-Kid” continues to bring about smiles and goodwill for all involved.

The city of San Francisco is being rescued from paying the cost of staging the “Batkid” fantasy that captured the nation’s imagination.

Philanthropists John and Marcia Goldman are picking up the city’s $105,000 tab for allowing Miles Scott, a 5-year-old Northern California boy with leukemia, to fight villains and rescue a damsel in distress as a caped crusader on Nov. 15.

Maria Kong of the John and Marcia Goldman Foundation confirmed a San Francisco Chronicle report Sunday about the couple’s gift.

City officials say most of the $105,000 in public funds went toward renting a sound system, video screens and other equipment to accommodate the surprisingly large crowds that turned out to see “Batkid,” who became a social media darling.

The elaborate fantasy was arranged by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Among the items donated for the day were not one, but two black Lambourginis which served as Bat-Kid’s “Batmobile” during his adventure in the city by the bay.

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Cartoon of the Day


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SNL’s “Alternate Ending to ‘It’s a Wonderful Life'”

Merry Christmas everyone.  A little treat that I’m still upset Hulu does not put out annually.

Found this on YouTube, very well could get taken down soon for copyright violations by the time you click “Play,” but I remember this as teenager and it always stuck with me.

The clip is pretty self-explanatory, it’s an alternate ending of the Frank Capra Christmas classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” as performed by the SNL cast circa 1986 with Dana Carvey doing his Jimmy Stewart, and Phil Hartman (gone, but not forgotten) playing the role of “Uncle Billy.”


The truth is, there actually is a scripted alternate ending to “It’s a Wonderful Life” out there. It just was never filmed.

The story goes that it involves a scene where Angel 2nd Class Clarance makes an appearance before Mr. Potter, and it is supposed to take place just before the friends and family start arriving at the Bailey household.  Clarance tells Potter that the life he has lead has been one of offering nothing but misery and suffering for others and then shows him his final destination — Hell.  Potter, horrified and terrified at all this, has a heart attack and it is left to the audience to decide if he dies then and there.

The scene then shifts back to the Bailey household, likely just as all the money comes pouring in from George’s family and friends.

Reportedly Capra felt the movie could survive just fine without a “the villain gets what’s coming to him” scene and cut it out.  That, and it was ruled as way too macabre.

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Cartoon of the Day


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